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LingoTip provides human translation services for web stores and marketplace listings.

They can translate product listings, payment policies, product return policies, marketing messages and all other information.

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Fluent $0.05 per word
Advanced/Native $0.07 per word
Professional $0.09 per word


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The Supplier Says

Go global with webstore localization and listing translation services

Buying and selling products or services online over the internet is easier than ever, and is constantly growing. There are endless tools available to set up an eCommerce website or platform.

As buying and selling online continually grows, and crosses borders, buyers are offered the same products from global as well as local sellers. When sellers offer their products online with secure online payment solutions, such as PayPal, buyers can purchase these products overseas. The only barrier that may turn buyers away could very likely be the language. From the supplier's website
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Updated 11 Jan 2019.
Thompson & Holt