Lizzy is an AI-based intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) for ecommerce. It was created to help sellers run and manage an online store with optimization suggestions based on machine learning.

Lizzy helps sellers solve specific problems related to selling on Amazon. Lizzy has know-how about ecommerce and currently supports over 1,000 request types.

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Lizzy is free.


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The Supplier Says

First intelligent virtual assistant for ecommerce business to help you grow on Amazon.

Voice or chat conversation

Depending on your needs, you can use any form of communication with an assistant. Even when driving a car, eating breakfast or during a meeting.

Automated personal assistant

You can create automation rules and the assistant will perform them without your intervention. Automated reports, notifications or reminders.

Get new employee 24/7

Test a virtual assistant for your team, it doesn't sleep, eat and hasn't break for coffee. Growapp LTD, 18 February 2019
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Updated 22 Feb 2019.

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