MarginDriver is a suite of multi-channel ecommerce reporting, analytics, and accounting tools that provides data on margins and profitability.

Centralize all sales channel data into a single reporting and analytics solution that offers business intelligence and reduces bookkeeping work.

Track real-time and historical gross profit activity, identify unprofitable orders, measure the effectiveness of pricing strategies, and more.

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Access Via SaaS (Cloud Web App)
Accounting QuickBooks
Amazon Sites,,,,,,,,
Fulfillment FBA
Multichannel Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, Seller Cloud, Solid Commerce, Stitch
Point of Sale (POS) Shopify POS
Shipping Software ShipStation, ShipWorks
Shopping Carts Shopify


Trial: 60 days

Tier 10 - 10,000 Orders / Month $475 per month
Tier 210,001 - 15,000 Orders / Month $575 per month
Tier 315,001 - 20,000 Orders / Month $675 per month
Tier 420,001 - 25,000 Orders / Month $775 per month
Tier 525,001 - 30,000 Orders / Month $875 per month
Tier 630,001 + Orders / Month $875 per month + 1.5 cents / order


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The Supplier Says

Automate your Reporting and Accounting

A fully automated solution that integrates with all of your sales channels as well as shipping and accounting software to find the answers and efficiency that your e-commerce operation is lacking.

Consolidate all of your cost and revenue data points into one reporting solution and discover your true gross profit and margins for every order on every sales channel. Data points include product revenue, shipping revenue, product cost, shipping cost, fulfillment fees, sales tax and VAT, credit card fees, marketplace fees, currency exchange rates and much more.

Follow your sales throughout the day to track your orders, revenue and gross profit in real time across all channels something no other dashboard is capable of doing. Get a quick snapshot of the prior day’s sales performance in a matter of seconds. View and graph key performance indicators for each sales channel across any time period to discover trends.

Use our Deficient Orders tool to determine your optimum gross profit margin and eliminate orders fulfilled at a loss or below your minimally accepted gross profit margin. Don’t just sell more product — make more money.

Increase your profit margins and improve your strategic decision-making by identifying the sales channels, products, and pricing strategies that make your business the most money. Identify and invest in the most profitable areas of your business. Evaluate and compare your repricing strategies through our A/B tests to determine the markups that will maximize your profitability.

Automate the cumbersome and time-consuming accounting task of uploading individual order transactions to your general ledger. Our order data is aggregated by sales channel and presented as gross profit reports by day and month. Monthly reports are then broken down into summarized journal entries for automatic posting to your general ledger with just a few clicks. Perform third-party verification of A/R through automated retrieval of balances from sales channels. MarginDriver, 3 July 2019
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Updated 1 Aug 2019.
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