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Marmalead has helped my business

Marmalead data has been very helpful to my business. I have definitely had an increase in sales since using their strategies. I had a great year in 2014. In 2015 I fell into a slump. With the help of Marmalead I am pulling myself out of that hole & I now have over 6600 Etsy sales. more

Awesome Tool for Etsy SEO Success!

I have been using Marmalead for about a month and a half, and it has been awesome! I was hesitant to purchase a product like this as I have had a moderate amount of success learning Etsy SEO on my own. I have read tutorials and tips, and learned a lot through trial and error. Part of our produc... more

Get tags right for your Etsy shop by using Marmalead.

Thanks to finding this super online tool, I am now showing up in searches, both on Etsy and within the Google shopping results, which is awesome. It is easy to use and there are tutorials on YouTube to make sure you are getting the most from your keywords and Etsy listings. They have demystified S... more

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Marmalead is an Etsy SEO and market research tool for serious sellers.

Unique software that enables Etsy sellers to be most competitive in an ever changing ecommerce landscape through better market research and SEO analysis.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstardim star (13 reviews)

stardim stardim stardim stardim star

Paid 19.00 with paypal. Cannot log in!!!! Cannot use service!!!!!! Searched there is no contact inf... more

Marmalead technical help

I just want to say that if it weren't for Marmalead, I don't know where my Etsy business would be right now. I totally... more

starstarstardim stardim star

Upd. I have received a refund from Marmalead for the second subscription so I updated my rating, First of all Marmal... more

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Re: How to gain visibility while selling on Etsy?

...Etsy store called? You could try Marmalead, a tool which specializes in Etsy SEO... more




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Re: How to gain visibility while selling on Etsy?

...Etsy store called? You could try Marmalead, a tool which specializes in Etsy SEO... more
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Are you an Etsy Entrepreneur? Check out Marmalead.

Marmalead is the best Etsy SEO and Market Research tool for serious sellers Marmalead, 31 October 2015
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Updated 16 Nov 2018.

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