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McBain Recoveries allows businesses selling on Amazon Canada (and other marketplaces) to recover returns and other inventory.

Products can either be consolidated and forwarded back to the seller, back to the appropriate marketplace, or the value recovered by selling them through McBain Recoveries's local offline Canadian sales network. Value is recovered without interfering with current offers.

McBain Recoveries customizes services for each individual client.

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The Supplier Says

McBain Recoveries

Do you sell online in Canada from outside Canada? Having trouble recovering your returns?

At McBain Recoveries, we recover your FBA returns and other returns in a couple of ways. We can either consolidate and forward, or recover the value by listing your products in our local selling network for you.

McBain Recoveries is your strategic Canadian returns partner.

Check our website for more information: McBain Recoveries, 25 August 2019
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Updated 26 Aug 2019.

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