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Site which lists an individual's online identities and feedback scores from multiple sites. Reviews can also be written.

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Reputation Report
Before you act on information from the Internet, you want to find out more about the source's reliability. Opinity can give you an in-depth reputation report about the person.

Writing Reviews
You had a negative or positive experience with another Internet user and want to let others know. Opinity provides a place where you can.

ID Verification
You have many different IDs at multiple sites. How can you prove they all belong to you? Opinity is your answer.

Reputation Management
You have built a good online reputation among your peers, but it is dispersed and there is no way to let people know about it if they are not active on the sites you are using. Opinity provides you with tools to consolidate and manage your reputation. You can even advertise. From the supplier's website
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