Optiseller is a provider of ecommerce performance and content data to sellers, brands, partners and marketplaces.

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eBay Store Performance DashboardTactical weekly review of listings versus marketplace performance & policy benchmarks & best practices . Listing level drilldown & guidance on KPIs. £25/$35 per month, per store
Optiseller Duplicates ListingsThe eBay Duplicate Listings Tool identifies duplicate listings and gives you control of which listings to keep. £50/$70 per month, per store.
Optiseller Download ListingsThe Optiseller eBay Listings Download tool provides the ability to easily collate & download your complete listings data. £100/$140 per run.
Optiseller Utility BundleThe Optiseller eBay Utility Bundle provides some of our most popular eBay tools at a discounted rate. £150/$250 per month, per store.
Optiseller Store ReviewBased on Optiseller data, the eBay Store Review offers an in depth & comprehensive strategic review by our consultancy team. £1,500/$2,100 per store.
From just £25/€35 a month.


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Optiseller is an eCommerce data broker & platform from Developing IT, providing sellers, brands, partners & marketplaces with the performance & content data required to monitor, control & grow across multiple channels.

We understand what data is readily available, and more importantly, where the gaps lie and how these can be filled.

We offer raw data, data feeds & data tools, both bespoke & off the shelf.

Optiseller is the result of a collaboration between experienced eCommerce professionals who have seen first-hand the requirements of sellers, brands, partners & marketplaces for performance and content data that is available quickly, easily and consistently in formats that work for them.

Our core leadership team have driven the launch & growth of over 500 eCommerce stores across a broad range of platforms and marketplaces.

Our product is used by those in eCommerce who wish to take a data driven approach, from niche sellers who require off the shelf tools to help manage their specialist business on a single marketplace in one country, to retailers and brands with a global footprint across multiple verticals who have a need for data APIs which can integrate with their own systems and data, all the way up to household name eCommerce marketplaces looking for standalone, innovative, bespoke data solutions.

We have also worked directly with and for the largest global eCommerce marketplaces including eBay & Amazon amongst many others. Optiseller.com, 21 July 2017
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Updated 19 Oct 2018.

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