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Optiseller is an ecommerce data analytics platform. It is used by online retailers, brands and manufacturers to improve the distribution and quality of data used to list and sell products across multiple online channels.

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StarterSee how your eBay store is performing and identify areas for improvement. £25 per month per store
EssentialGrow your sales by making changes to key listings values like item specifics £75 per month per store
AdvancedTransform your business with the key tools required to optimise your listing data £125 per month per store
From £25 a month.


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We live and breathe the data that flows through marketplaces. We know how to capture it, how to analyse and review it, and the best practices required to ensure the data is of the highest quality.

Having worked with some of the largest retailers worldwide and driven the launch and growth of over 600 eCommerce stores, we have a wealth of experience in driving success.

With Optiseller, you can achieve transformational growth for your business. We provide optimisation and analytics tools that will improve the data quality and consistency of your listings on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. This will increase not just the visibility of your products, but also sales conversions.

You can choose from three plans, depending on the category you’re selling in and your ambition to optimise your listings. Our tools enable you to:
- Keep on top of your own store’s performance
- See how your competitors fare
- Avoid duplicate listings
- Improve listings with item specifics
- Ensure automotive parts are compatible with the right vehicles
- Reassure buyers your products are genuine Optiseller.com, 23 January 2019
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Updated 29 Jan 2019.

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