Pictor is an intelligent product photography Android app which helps create product photographs and get them retouched by professional graphic artists.

The user browses through a list of suggested angles for the specific product type then photographs it using his setup. The image can then be sent directly to Pictor for retouching. Within 2-3 days the finished image is sent back for use in online retail.

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Trial: First four images free

Basic3 days turnaround time $6 for 3 Images. ($2 per image)
Standard2 days turnaround time $40 for 20 Images. ($2 per image)
Premium2 days turnaround time $100 for 50 Images. ($2 per image)
USD $2 per image for photo retouching service, prepaid.


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The Supplier Says

We all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems in product imaging.

Throughout the history of photography, people have been using traditional methods to click images. Being a skill based endeavour, there is very little standardization and absolutely no standard pricing. Our mission at Pictor is to make product imaging standardized and more transparent. Using image processing algorithms, computer vision technologies, machine learning and deep learning, we provide the most advanced and fully automated solutions in the industry. We want to make these technologies available to as many people as possible.

Product Photography being a skill based endeavour, has very little standardization and absolutely no standard pricing. Also for online retail, all images must be retouched using editing softwares to conform to marketplace norms. Being a tedious task, most retailers omit this step leading to substandard photographs and lesser sales. At Pictor we have created an mobile application which guides the user to set up the right environment for photography and helps click using their mobile phone. Also with the touch of a button, the image is sent to our team of professional graphic artists for retouching. Within 2 days the finished image is sent back to the user for use in online retail.

At Pictor we are focused on creating a seamless production system so that you can quickly and conveniently get your edited product images. We have built a custom platform to automate all of the steps before and after the image editing process. However, to get the finer details and provide the customers with the best quality, we do retouch the images manually with our team of professional graphic artists. Pictor Imaging, 18 April 2016
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Updated 13 Oct 2017.
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