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Pricesearcher is a free product search engine available to shoppers and sellers around the world.

Retailers, online sellers, brands, deal sites, classified sites, marketplaces and price comparison sites can list their products and receive organic search traffic for free.

A range of product feed formats are available, including integrations with popular shopping carts and inventory management systems.

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Pricesearcher Hires ex-Amazon UK Head of Pricing

Free shopping search engine Pricesearcher has hired Weldon W. Whitener, who previously led Am... more

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Price Comparison Google Shopping
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Listing Fees Listing products is free
Sales Commission Sales are processed on the retailer's own website or marketplace store
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Free shopping search engine Pricesearcher has hired Weldon W. Whitener, who previously led Amazon UK's pricing team.

Weldon, who joins Pricesearcher as Chief Analytics Officer, will lead on managing and utilising the huge amounts of data Pricesearcher is collecting as they aim to complete their UK index by their Q1 2019 launch.

He brings a deep knowledge and understanding of large data sets from his time serving under world renowned data scientist Dr Richard Durban at the Sanger Institute, University of Cambridge.

Weldon will be based at the team's HQ in Farringdon London and will work closely with Pricesearcher's founder and CEO, Samuel Dean.

Weldon said, "The potential of this business is massive. As is my ambition to take this opportunity and run with it. My personal aim is to make this the best in class team in ecommerce search, providing an unrivalled shopping experience to customers wherever they are in the world."

Samuel Dean, CEO & Founder of Pricesearcher, said, "Weldon is one of the world's most renowned pricing strategists and his knowledge and expertise in this sector is going to benefit consumers and retailers globally. I look forward to working with him closely on his projects and continuing Pricesearcher's mission is to index all the world's prices."

Source: Pricesearcher

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Intro to a New Search Engine - Free, engaged, buying users

Hi, I'm Thomas, Head of Retail at Pricesearcher We are building a consumer-facing... more

Re: Introduce yourself here

...Thomas from a new search engine called Pricesearcher. We are building a consumer facing... more
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Updated 2 May 2018.

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