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Profit Bandit is a mobile scouting app. Scan any barcode and determine if an item is profitable for resale on Amazon.

Find the lowest price for each condition and fulfillment channel, learn if an offer is restricted or selling slowly and get historical pricing and rank data from Keepa and CamelCamelCamel.

Can be used at trade shows, big-box retail stores, thrift shops etc. SellerEngine offers help, support and advice on how to use the application and how to make money selling on Amazon.

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Profit Bandit Announces Scanning Improvements

Mobile research tool for Amazon sellers Profit Bandit is testing an update focused on improve... more

Spotlight on Profit Bandit from SellerEngine

Mobile product research app Profit Bandit has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog. Aust... more

Profit Bandit Update Improves Accuracy of Amazon FBA Offers

Mobile research tool for Amazon sellers Profit Bandit has been updated to use the latest Amaz... more

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...scanning apps to find that out, like Profit Bandit (20 free scans, $10 per month after... more


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Trial: 20 free scans

$9.99 monthly subscription


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Mobile research tool for Amazon sellers Profit Bandit is testing an update focused on improvements to its scanning functionality.

Profit Bandit will have a new camera-based scanner, based on the most up-to-date technology from Google and Apple, for users who don't have a bluetooth scanner, allowing faster and easier scanning.

Tests show that the new scanner opens in less than 1 second and focuses and scans fast. It works by targeting barcodes within a square outline. When a barcode falls inside its borders it lets the scanner quickly focus and scan.

In addition, the update of Profit Bandit for Android will no longer require an extra app to connect to a bluetooth scanner. Android users will be able to connect their device much more easily.

The company behind Profit Bandit, SellerEngine, will be exhibiting at the Las Vegas PROSPER Show this March 11-14.

Source: SellerEngine

Mobile product research app Profit Bandit has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog.

Austin Fisher from SellerEngine explains why Profit Bandit is the number one mobile app for Amazon product research and scouting, in Spotlight on Profit Bandit from SellerEngine.

Profit Bandit provides complete and accurate offer data, historical data, restricted item warnings and other alerts, as well as an easy-to-view profit calculation - all in one application.

Source: Web Retailer blog

Mobile research tool for Amazon sellers Profit Bandit has been updated to use the latest Amazon API, and now provides more accurate FBA offers.

The new version allows sellers to see the lowest FBA offer for each condition as well as the exact number of FBA offers.

Previously sellers could scan products and see zero FBA offers reported, but when checking on Amazon would find several FBA sellers on the listing. The Amazon API used by Profit Bandit and other scouting apps previously gave incomplete offer data, limiting the accuracy. A recent addition to the API provides the total number of FBA offers and the lowest FBA offer for each item condition.

The new feature is support by Profit Bandit 8.16 for iOS and 4.15 for Android.

Source: SellerEngine

Mobile product research app Profit Bandit has been updated with instant viewing of product sales data from CamelCamelCamel and Amazon FBA.

When an item is scanned, Profit Bandit preloads the FBA offers page, as well as data from Amazon price-tracking service CamelCamelCamel, so the results can be viewed instantly after the item's summary information has been viewed.

The feature can be disabled by users on low-allowance mobile data plans.

Source: SellerEngine

Mobile research tool for Amazon sellers Profit Bandit has introduced notifications to indicate when a scanned item is restricted from sale.

Other improvements in the latest update of Profit Bandit include:

  • The option to use Keepa for product research, instead of CamelCamelCamel.
  • Peloading Amazon offers and CamelCamelCamel listing pages, making the app faster.
  • Updated fees and EU VAT calculations.
  • Easy identification of Amazon's price in the list of offers.

Source: SellerEngine

Amazon inventory scouting app Profit Bandit has added new filtering for FBA items, and improved its profit calculation algorithm.

For each scanned item, the app now shows existing FBA offers along with seller names and feedback percentages.

SellerEngine has also changed how Profit Bandit calculates estimated profit, better reflecting Amazon's fee structure.

Source: SellerEngine

Popular inventory "scouting" app Profit Bandit has switched from a one-time fee of $14.99 to a $9.99 monthly subscription.

Profit Bandit subscribers will also get access to a new series of webinars, and a discount of 20% off a bluetooth scanner.

The new subscription currently only applies to the Android version of Profit Bandit. It will be coming to the iPad and iPhone apps soon.

Source: SellerEngine

Amazon research app Profit Bandit has new videos, FAQs, and step-by-step help guides.

The new videos cover Profit Bandit's Buy List, how to connect a bluetooth scanner and more. The step-by-step help guide is for both Profit Bandit beginners and experienced users, and includes setting up profit calculations and the special searches menu.

The Sellers' Conference for Online Entrepreneurs (SCOE) will be held from May 30 - June 1, 2013, at the Seattle Airport Marriott Hotel.

The conference is particularly focused on Amazon sellers, with sessions on Amazon Web Services, Sponsored Products and Webstores and product category focus groups.

Suppliers profiled on Web Retailer sponsoring the conference include Indaba, FillZ, Kabbage, Monsoon, Outright, ReplyManager, Seller AppVantage, SellerEngine, ShipRush, ShipStation, ShipWorks and Solid Commerce.

Two new profiles have been added to the directory today.

  • Smart Gallery is a tool that features further items at the bottom of eBay listings to allow users the opportunity to cross sell their products.
  • Profit Bandit is a smartphone app that allows Amazon sellers to scan the barcodes of products and estimate profit based upon cost, shipping, Amazon fees and other factors.

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...scanning apps to find that out, like Profit Bandit (20 free scans, $10 per month after... more
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Profit Bandit

You never leave home without your smartphone. Install Profit Bandit on your iPhone or Android and you’ll be bringing your most valuable Amazon sales tool with you, too.

Whether you’re scouting at thrift shops, big-box retail stores or anywhere else, Profit Bandit will become the Amazon assistant you can’t live without. SellerEngine, 18 February 2014
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