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PPC Scanner analyzes an Amazon product's PPC campaigns and finds mistakes including duplicate keywords, poorly performing keywords, bad semantic core, no keywords harvesting and no PAT's.

Some mistakes are calculated based on the product's average ACoS, and all errors can be downloaded to fix later.

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Who we are?

We are at Profit Whales developing the revolutionary Amazon Advertising Software that allows you to create/automate/optimize and analyze your Amazon Advertising to get maximum ROI from your advertising dollars.

Our mission is to create Advertising across all platforms in just 1 Click. Just imagine you’ll be able to set up and launch advertising for your business in a few seconds. So everyone who has an idea will be able to promote it and scale with advertising without any knowledge in programmatic advertising. We are heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to achieve this goal. Profit Whales, 4 July 2019
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Updated 2 Aug 2019.
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