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Proxi specializes in ecommerce fulfillment, integrating with shopping platforms and major marketplaces.

Proxi has a centrally located warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio, close to Amazon's fulfillment center.

Support services range from package design, assembly and kitting to RMA returns, refurbishment and repairs.

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Access Via SaaS (Cloud Web App)
Amazon Sites
eBay Sites
Other Marketplaces Etsy, Jet, Marketplace,
Shopping Carts Cratejoy, Shopify, WooCommerce


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The Supplier Says

If you're selling in these marketplaces or want to...

Your online store needs an online warehouse!

Quickly and easily deliver your products to customers – and potentially for less with Proxi!

Our warehouse is integrated with all platforms listed above and more! Proxi Fulfillment Solutions, 27 August 2019
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Updated 5 Sep 2019.
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