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Any FedEx or UPS package (ground, express, international) is guaranteed to arrive on time or it's free. Refund Retriever automatically detects then disputes late delivery, duplicate charges and other invoice billing mistakes.

Refund Retriever provides a full suite of real-time shipping and logistics reports, including discount rate analysis, accessorial charges, damaged packages, contract negotiation and business intelligence. Freight LTL discounts are also available.

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United States


FedEx or UPS business user


Access Via SaaS (Cloud Web App)
Carriers FedEx, UPS
eBay Sites
Shipping Software ShipStation, ShipWorks, SkuVault
Shopping Carts 3dcart, BigCommerce


Shipping volume up to $250,000 50% of successful refunds
Shipping volume up to $500,000 45% of successful refunds
Shipping volume up to $1,000,000 40% of successful refunds
Shipping volume over to $1,000,000 Contact vendor for a custom quote
Performance-based pricing, only a percentage of successful credits. No refund credits, there is no charge. No monthly, setup or cancellation fees.


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The Supplier Says

Small parcel UPS and FedEx refunds

Does your business use UPS or FedEx? The cost of logistics and transportation impact a company's bottom line directly each day. If any domestic or international package (express & ground) is delivered even 60 seconds late, you are entitled to a full refund for that package!

Refund Retriever is here to help reduce your company's FedEx and UPS spend. We are a full-service small parcel auditing company: we monitor all of your invoices and packages for lateness and general billing mistakes. Our late package refund technology automatically finds the late deliveries and has FedEx or UPS give you a full credit.

Get refunds and save money with:
• Late delivered packages
• Bogus address corrections
• Incorrect surcharges
• Duplicate charges
• Discount rate benchmarking
• Reports and Analytics (Damaged, Undelivered, Zone/Weight, Accessorial Surcharges, 3rd Party Billing, etc)
• Contract Negotiation Services
• Shipping Insurance
• Freight LTL discounted services (over 20 carriers)

Let's say a package is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday but gets to the destination on Wednesday. Refund Retriever gets you a full refund and ensures the carrier issued a credit to an invoice. Our system is independent of any of shipping software. Zero integration necessary, setup takes minutes. Real-time reporting features provide many money-saving insights into shipping habits and discounts.

Our fee is strictly performance based, if your company saves nothing we charge you nothing. Executives that are intelligent audit each invoice and see a direct recovery weekly. Join the thousands of other intelligent shippers already using Refund Retriever.

Refund Retriever, 23 February 2018
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Updated 1 Mar 2019.