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Easy of use

I compared several repricers.I am able to repricer my entire inventory in 5 min.It's simple and easy to set up and use.It's cutting edge repricing made easy to use.The customer service was excellent.Repricerexpress is formatted to where in just a few seconds you can tell exactly how your inventor... more

Great Product, Even Better CS

We've tried a few repricers and so far RepricerExpress stands leagues above the rest. Repricing isn't a simple process to jump into and there are always kinks to work out as every user's needs are slightly different. However, RepricerExpress' dedicated customer service team are just a chat away ... more

Fantastic programme

What was good about this product or service overall? A great programme which has allowed us to stay ahead of the game on Amazon in regards to winning the buy box with lots of customizable rules. Could anything have been better? Would be great if we could use it for Google Shopping on our own we... more

Surprisingly Good Results...

My Amazon sales had been lagging for some time, so when I saw RepricerExpress's offer of free trial, I signed up...mostly because I felt whether it helped or not, it was worth a try, given the way sales had been. I was more than surprised, let's say giddy, when I sold several books within the f... more

Excellent customer service!!! Thanks Marie

It is not easy to set up new thing into the running business, It take so much time and effort to understand and set up new things. Thanks to the repricerexpress software, it was the software we were been looking for the business for a long time, Regarding the customer service team and the... more

Look no further , you will not be disappointed

If you are selling on Amazon , this is the service you need , look no further. Very easy to set-up , intuitive interface. Ability to define plethora of options ( if you want to ) against specific sellers , or type of fulfilment options , decide how specific SKUs price. FAST and accurate r... more

RepricerExpress SKY ROCKETTED My Business

What was good about this product or service overall? RepricerExpress allowed me to grow my business rapidly by automating my product price changes. The challenge sellers have is competing with the buy box on Amazon. This process should not be done manually and this is where RepricerExpress come... more

Great Software :-). Must have for amazon seller.

Great product for amazon and ebay Sellers. Must have. Once set up its easy to navigate and the support is 100 % top notch. Will not miss it for the word. You can easily set your price targets in all your amazon seller countries and have all your best sellers at glance. With the new sales overv... more

One of the best support team there is

I honestly cannot praise RepricerExpress high enough. The team are absolutely fantastic, and always on hand to deal with your problems no matter how small. I've had the pleasure of dealing with Ciaran & Leigh, and honestly, these two people deserve a raise for putting up with me. Now onto the s... more

Best Support Ever

This repricing service is excellent and very reliable and I can safely say that it has generated far more revenue than the monthly subscription cost. I'm not aware of any interruptions in the service it is totally reliable. I have used umpteen services for my online business and I have never r... more

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RepricerExpress is an Amazon and eBay repricing solution to sell more items and keep listings competitive automatically.

RepricerExpress offers Amazon FBA and FBM sellers the ability to compete for spots in the Buy Box and More Buying Choices Box.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarhalf star (34 reviews)

starstarstarstardim star
Not perfect but one of the best in the market

It's fast enough as it is supposed. To me their pricing algorithm also works well. Only issue is if you are out of s... more

starstarstarstardim star
Pretty good with one major flaw

What was good about this product or service overall? Very fast reprising changes and very accurate. So good a compe... more

Simple to use and sales went up!

RepricerExpress was simple and quick to get set up and running as everything was explained on screen with what to do. ... more

Latest News

RepricerExpress New Features

Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress has released four new and improved features. ... more

RepricerExpress Adds Support for Amazon Australia, India and Mexico

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress has added support for three further international ... more

RepricerExpress Now Available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore

Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress is now available in the new Seller Central App... more

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Access Via SaaS (Cloud Web App)
Amazon Sites,,,,,,,,,,
eBay Sites,


Special offer for Web Retailer members. Get the details here.

Trial: 15 days

Plans start at £39 per month for 2,500 SKUs and continuous repricing across multiple marketplaces.


Pricing & Repricing » Marketplace Repricing

Amazon Selling » Repricing

eBay Selling » Repricing

Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress has released four new and improved features.

The new features include:

  1. Setting products to their maximum price when they run out of stock, to protect profits when they come back into stock.
  2. Improved setting for when the Buy Box winner increases their price, so you can incrementally increase your own price over time.
  3. eBay bulk import improvements to include min and max prices, current price, the repricing rule to use, and whether automatic repricing should be on or off.
  4. New eBay repricing setting for when competitors are below your minimum price.

Source: RepricerExpress

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress has added support for three further international Amazon marketplaces.

RepricerExpress now works with:

  • (US)
  • (UK)
  • Amazon Australia
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon India
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon Mexico
  • Amazon Spain

Existing RepricerExpress users can add the new marketplaces within their account now.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress is now available in the new Seller Central Appstore.

Brendan Doherty, CEO of RepricerExpress said, "At RepricerExpress, we're excited to be featured in the Automated Pricing category. We hope the new platform will help sellers quickly identify the integrated tools they need to support their selling needs on Amazon."

RepricerExpress offers Amazon FBA and Featured Sellers the flexibility to compete for spots in the Buy Box and More Buying Choices Box. The fast repricing allows all sellers to aim for higher positions in the Offer Listings pages, ensuring more buyers see their products. eBay repricing can either be based on competitors' listings (with various filtering options) or formula-based using Amazon prices.

Source: RepricerExpress

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress now provides a detailed price history, has enhanced repricing rules, and includes new automations to automatically change strategy.

RepricerExpress provides detailed history for products' prices, showing when prices changed, why, position, competitor's prices, Buy Box information and sales. This is in addition to information on competing sellers, Buy Box history, sales performance and other specifics about repricing rules and frequency.

Repricing rule enhancements help sellers be more competitive, allowing prices to be set above MFN competitors but lower than FBA, or choosing to price only against sellers who hold the Buy Box, competiting against New price if lower than Used and much more.

Automations include:

  • Auto-detecting long-term storage fees due and moving to be more aggressive repricing rule to sell stock before Amazon charges its fees.
  • Auto-detecting low stock on Buy Box winners and moving to a very high-profit strategy until more stock is available.
  • Auto-detecting Price Wars and moving to a near Max repricing strategy to avoid throwing away all your profits.
  • Auto-moving products to a more aggressive repricing strategy if there have been no sales for six months.
  • Auto-detecting if products have moved from MFN to FBA and switching to a different pricing strategy.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress has released new features including enhanced Buy Box information, customization of "Price War" detection, more detailed product information and advanced filters.

Amazon sellers using RepricerExpress can now see detailed information about Buy Box performance from the dashboard, including which products are Buy Box winners, which are Buy Box eligible, and which recently lost the Buy Box. 30-day Buy Box percentages are also shown.

A new feature called "Product Status Preferences" allows sellers to define the parameters for flagging Price Wars, best sellers and low stock. Different parameters can be set for different marketplaces.

RepricerExpress also now shows much more detailed product information including pricing history, Buy Box performance, competing sellers and sales performance.

Finally, products can now be filtered according to sales, sales rank, category, Buy Box performance and more.

The company has new pricing strategy automations planned for release in the next few weeks, such as automatically moving to a more agressive repricing rule if long-term storage fees are due to take effect, or changing to higher pricing for products which are winning the Buy Box but have low stock.

Chris Dunne from RepricerExpress said, "We're constantly listening to our customers' feedback and the overriding request is for better data that can be automatically actioned to help sell more without constant checking of sales info etc. For example, by auto-detecting price wars, sellers will be able stop repricing down and avoid selling needlessly at low prices. Another common scenario will allow us to auto-detect stock that's due FBA long term storage fees and push to more aggressive rules, so that stock can be sold off before further fees are incurred."

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon, Rakuten and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress is running a competition throughout October to win six months of free service.

To enter sellers just need to sign-up for a free 15-day trial using code 6MONTHSFREE, then will automatically be entered into the competition.

Existing customers can also enter by emailing RepricerExpress, and extra entries can be earned by sharing the competition on social media.

The competition closes at 14:00 UK time on Monday 31 October 2016, and the winner will be announced the next day.

The prize is worth up to £540 (based on 25,000 SKUs).

Source: RepricerExpress

The Northern Irish company behind RepricerExpress and SellerExpress has launched a new Amazon feedback solicitation tool called FeedbackExpress.

FeedbackExpress is a cloud-based software solution that helps Amazon sellers automate and manage their feedback communication with buyers. The software is proven to help sellers get more positive feedback and product reviews as well as removing negative and neutral feedback quickly and effectively.

When sellers receive negative feedback on their Amazon account, FeedbackExpress alerts them by SMS and email. Professionally-written feedback and product review requests are provided to help increase feedback quantity and quality. Currently Amazon UK and US marketplaces are supported with plans to add further marketplaces in the near future.

FeedbackExpress has a free 30-day trial (no credit card required), then costs from £14.95 or $20.00 per month.

For Web Retailer members, the free trial is extended to 45 days. Visit the Special Offers page for more details and the offer code.

Lucid Interactive has been providing ecommerce solutions to Amazon sellers for over 13 years.

Source: FeedbackExpress

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress now supports repricing on eBay marketplaces in the US and the UK.

Brendan Doherty, RepricerExpress CEO said, "We've listened to our customers and developed a state of the art eBay repricing solution that will work alongside their existing Amazon repricing, all within one RepricerExpress account. eBay repricing was the number one feature request for 2016 and we have developed a solution which we are confident will make repricing on eBay as efficient and hassle free as possible."

Current and new RepricerExpress customers will be able to add eBay repricing for free, as long as they stay under the maximum numbers of SKUs allowed on their pricing plan.

Unlike most repricing solutions, RepricerExpress allows eBay sellers to reprice both catalog and non-catalog products using sophisticated pricing rules, including the option to sync Amazon prices to eBay (plus or minus values and percentages if required).

The new eBay repricing rules can filter out competitors using inventory quantity, feedback rating, country, Top Rated Seller status and more.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon and Rakuten repricing tool RepricerExpress has extended a special offer for Web Retailer members to the end of the year.

The offer is for 50% off the first month subscription fee. For more details see our Special Offers page.

Source: Web Retailer Special Offers

Amazon and Rakuten repricing software RepricerExpress had a bug on Friday which reduced its merchants prices to only 1 pence.

The glitch happened on 12 December between 7pm and 8pm UK time. RepricerExpress CEO Brendan Doherty said the company was "continuing to work to identify how this problem occurred and to put measures in place to ensure that it does not happen again".

An Amazon spokesman told Sky News: "We are now reviewing the small number of orders that were processed and will be reaching out to any affected sellers directly. We responded quickly and were able to cancel the vast majority of orders placed on these affected items immediately and no costs or fees will be incurred by sellers for these cancelled orders. In the small number of cases where orders were processed, we are asking sellers to contact the third party software company responsible for their pricing in order to discuss next steps in terms of any compensation that may be due."

Source: Channel 4 News

See all 15 news items about RepricerExpress.

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Re: RepricerExpress profesional needed !! Help

@Bigian13 I am using RepricerExpress for Amazon USA and Canada , need to transfer all USA... more

Re: RepricerExpress profesional needed !! Help you need a 'professional' to do ? RepricerExpress is easy to set up and needs minimal... more

RepricerExpress profesional needed !! Help

Hi Looking for RepricerExpress professional to hire , can't find anyone for 2 month now ,... more

Re: When Common Sense Beats Repricing Software

@repricerexpress Not wanting to be picky with your linked guide to the 999 trick, but it... more

Re: Automatic sale pricing software

Hi Steven Have a look at RepricerExpress which we use for Amazon. It now has a facility... more

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...repricing software (Price Spectre and RepricerExpress). We upload the file to Linnworks,... more

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@maxrush2112 Hi Max, Yes, RepricerExpress supports both eBay US and UK stores. If... more

Re: eBay repricing?

@repricerexpress Thanks but as I noted in my post, I've been writing one myself. I also do... more

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The Supplier Says

The fastest, most cost-effective Amazon repricing software on the market

RepricerExpress is an intelligent auto repricer that’s remarkably easy to set up and use. From the supplier's website
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Updated 19 Aug 2019.

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