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Segemai Retail supports fast item upload using presets, templates and bulk import via CSV files, scheduled listings, order management and more for eBay.

Amazon to eBay arbitrage automation tools include automatic listing, repricing, ordering, and shipment tracking update for Amazon USA and UK.

Segemai's APIs also automate order-fulfillment on independent webstores using a CSV import.

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The Supplier Says

Amazon-to-eBay Arbitrage/dropship automation, eBay Item/Order/Inventory management

Amazon-to-eBay Arbitrage/dropship: Our fully automated, highly configurable, Amazon to eBay arbitrage/drop-shipping automation platform provides all critical tools:
- Auto-Lister: Extracts ASIN details from Amazon US or Amazon UK, and list new item on eBay US or eBay UK.
- Intelli-Pricer: A repricer to monitor ASIN's price and availability, and update ebay price/stock accordingly.
- Auto-Order: auto fulfillment of eBay orders from Amazon.
- Update tracking: on eBay when Amazon order is shipped.

Order fulfillment for your own sites:
- REST APIs :If you are selling on your own sites, integrate our APIs to automate order fulfillment from Amazon. APIs are available to auto-order ASIN and get amazon order-trackings. Bulk amazon buyers can also manage gift-cards, multiple amazon accounts etc via APIs.
- Order feed CSV: If APIs are too technical for you, use our simpler order feed CSV import-export.

eBay Management:
- New eBay Item Addition: List new items faster on ebay using item defaults/presets, item templates, and custom feed CSVs.
- Advanced Item Description Builder:Add mobile/tablet friendly components like Pull-down Menu bar, Featured image strip, Click-To-Enlarge Image gallery, YouTube videos, and many more.
- Scheduled Item Listing: Create an item now and 'schedule' it for listing at a later date.
- Order and Inventory management: update price,quantity,trackings and other fields of an item/order, back on eBay.

# We Are Listening: You don't see an important feature here yet: please ASK. We will try best to prioritize and provide as soon as practical. Contact us at Segemai Technologies, 28 July 2016
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Updated 11 Jan 2019.

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