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Seller Desk is a cloud-based help desk ticket system designed for Amazon Sellers with the purpose of improving customer satisfaction and customer service efficiency, and eliminating mistakes.

Users can search through tickets by product name, ASIN, customer information or message text. Alerts and action history help eliminate mistakes and hold employees accountable. Tags, labels and folders help organize tickets.

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Seller Desk Amazon Help Desk - Free Beta Invites

...Desk is a cloud based Help Desk service... more


Access Via SaaS (Cloud Web App)
Amazon Sites,,,,,,,,


Trial: 15 days

Mini Desk100 Messages
2 Customer Service Channels
3 Agents
$15 per month
Baby Desk300 Messages
5 Customer Service Channels
5 Agents
$30 per month
Business Desk1000 Messages
10 Customer Service Channels
15 Agents
$55 per month


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Seller Desk Amazon Help Desk - Free Beta Invites

...Desk is a cloud based Help Desk service... more
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The Supplier Says

We believe in Seller Desk and we believe in you...

Seller Desk is the only Help Desk solution for Amazon Sellers. It helps prevent permanent suspension by addressing issues promptly and efficiently and by providing search functionality that allows you to quickly find issues and concerns Amazon Seller Performance ambiguously mention. Label and Tag messages so you can easily organize and assign tickets to agents based on issue or concern. Remind Me Later functionality ensures that customers are followed-up with regarding issues thereby decreasing A2Z claims, negative feedback and angry customers.

Most companies today are not interested in your success, they only want your business. Often they will harass you with phone calls and sales pitches and are available 24/7 to sell you but once you purchase, support is rarely available and they no longer seem to have time for you.

Seller Desk is different - we don't care if you have a sales question or support question, our team will treat you with value! We built this tool because we believe it solves issues and problems Seller Central has never addressed. We also believe that you may have needs we never thought of and we are dedicated to, as far as possible, building new features to fit your needs.

We believe in taking care of our clients and we are committed to providing you the highest level of customer service we can. Seller Desk, 22 April 2019
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Updated 30 Jul 2019.

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