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Seller Locker analyzes Amazon FBA reports to find potential reimbursement claims. It then provides all the details needed for claims to be filed in Seller Central. The progress of claims is tracked in a dashboard.

A Pick and Pack Fee Manager provides ongoing monitoring of product dimensions used to calculate FBA fees, and compares them to actual product dimensions so overcharged fees can also be claimed back.

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25% of reimbursements received


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The Supplier Says

We analyze your FBA Account and get you back what’s yours!

Save your time and money

Analyzing your seller account can be very time consuming and costly.

Let our software do the work for you! We deliver up to date auditing and recovery information while offering a central portal to manage your claims

100% compliant with the TOS

It is against Amazon’s policies to have a 3rd party service open cases on your behalf.

You shouldn’t have to risk your account to get the money you deserve. We incorporate you into the process so you can be sure that you’re account is safe while recovering every last dollar!

Catch it while you can!

Immediately after sign up, we run a thorough analysis of your account dating back 18 months.

Within days, you can expect recovered cash flowing right back into your company from previous overcharges and discrepancies. From the supplier's website
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Updated 28 Jun 2018.

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RepricerExpress is an Amazon and eBay repricing solution to sell more items and keep listings competitive automatically. RepricerExpress offers Amazon FBA and FBM sellers the ability to compete for spots in the Buy Box and More Buying Choices Box.

Feedback Express

FeedbackExpress is a cloud-based software solution that helps Amazon sellers manage their feedback communication with buyers. Messages can be triggered when an order is placed, despatched or delivered or up to 10 weeks after the event. Messages can be filtered by fulfilment type, item condition, SKU/ASIN and shipping location. FeedbackExpress can exclude orders where delivery is late, and ask for product reviews after positive seller feedback is left.

Thompson & Holt

Thompson & Holt provide customized Amazon appeal letters and Plans of Action for sellers who have had their account suspended. They charge a flat fee and further responses, if requested, are at no additional charge. Instructions are provided on changes to make to selling practices to avoid repeat suspensions. Escalations are handled if required, and the whole process is backed up with support via live chat and email.


AmzPro provides a variety of tools for Amazon sellers including automated inventory forecasting, spotting stale and low-selling inventory, and tools to liquidate inventory and create deals. AmzPro provides inventory cost and value by State and by Fulfillment Center. Alerts are available for overcharged FBA fees, monthly storage fees, long term storage fees. AmzPro also includes insights and reports for orders, fulfillment, storage and more.
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