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Seller Source Book aka ssb

The best listing program, I've been on ebay and other auction and store sites since 2005 and this by far is the best and fastest. How they manage the photos so quick I don't know nor do I really care. I do know that I have tripled my listing production since I began using ssb. I am happier wi... more

The Best Listing Management Provider!

I have been with Seller Sourcebook for several years and cannot say enough good things about them! They are the best source for creating professional looking auctions. The features are clearly explained and easy to use. Their customer service is always professional, friendly and extremely helpful.... more

Best tool for eBay listing management (I also use it for Craigslist, Bonanza, etc.)

Seller Sourcebook has super-fast, friendly, accurate, individualized technical support. Every inquiry is answered personally. I have a custom template that I have needed to tweak from time to time I have never had a request denied. I embed YouTube video in some listings and they gave me great inst... more

Best Customer Support EVER!!

If you don't have good Customer Support, you have Nothing!! I was about to pull my hair out with Ebay's Customer Support when I started using SSB. SSB is so easy to use and the best part is that if you do have a problem you actually have people who seem to know what they are doing to help you. ... more

WOW ! The best customer service ever !

I wasn't sure about listing fees through SSB so I email the help desk, and it didn't take them very long to get back to me. They answered all my questions very quickly and we're more than happy to help me out. I will stick with the guys forever. Customer Service is EVERYTHING !!! Thanks again,... more

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having problems with my photo loading on my auction on ebay at peak times

glitches and freezing going on, that never used to happen. it has even signed me out, because it took so long for them to upload photos. i have cable, and pay to have the higest Tier service. but the most annoying thing, is when i set up auction to start at peak times, find out later, ... more

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The Very Good & The Overwhelming Bad

I don't understand why, but SSB's performance went from great to a lowpoint now where a glitch physically prevents me from sending listings to eBay! The customer service is excellent and the gals respond quickly and try very hard to get to the bottom of all the glitches and bugs that have cropped... more


I have been with SSB going on 2 years and am extremely happy with the product and find their 'real person' customer support the best I have come across. Their product is very user friendly, tutorial easy to follow, photo storage awesome, great selection of templates. When you need a quick resp... more


When my computer crashed and I bought another it came with Windows 7. I had to leave my old programs behind and begin anew. I had been making my own backgrounds and logos and lost that ability. Hit a slump and then noticed a quilter whom I had been following on Ebay had a truly gorgeous site. I no... more

This is the best program you will ever use!

I switched to SSB because I was frustrated with other programs out there. I thought I should try this one before I finally gave up. This is not just easy to use, but the customer service is right there. They are fast and friendly and more important patient. Just try it and I promise you, you w... more

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List directly to eBay and Bonanza. Free scheduling, product showcase, image hosting over 3000 professionally designed templates. Multiple eBay & Bonanza IDs are supported through a single SSB account.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarhalf star (42 reviews)

brilliant service

been with them since i started selling on ebay cant fault them the customer service is brill and very quick' usually r... more

Fantastic Web Solutions Program - Highly recommended!

I've been using SSB for over 10 years and I frequently have questions since I am still not very good with technology. ... more

SSB World Class Customer Care

There are not words to express how fantastic SSB is. Beyond making your listings look professional, if you ever have a... more

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Other Marketplaces Bonanza, CQout, Craigslist, eBid, ePier


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$8.00 per month or $21.00 per quarter

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Re: Using Vendio, but . . .

...doesn’t it. By the way, hats off to Seller Sourcebook’s Customer Service. They have been... more

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...the correct name. That's SSB, The Seller Sourcebook. It started as an eBay templates... more

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SSB - Simply Sell Better

A professional looking listing is no longer a "nice to have" it is a "need to have". Let us help you maximize the potential of your auctions and store items!

Selling solution featuring listing tool, free scheduling, image hosting, product showcase and over 3000 professionally designed templates.
SSB/ST Development, 12 March 2012
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Updated 10 Nov 2017.

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