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All tools I need to keep pushing my Amazon sales :)

Great all-in-one tool Amazon seller platform! ;) Basically has all the features I needed to start my business on Amazon and make it a semi-successful one. Some of the features I really like are Product Research, and PPC Analyzer. They have other tools as well in keywords research, listing optimiz... more

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SellerApp helps Amazon sellers choose products to sell, and discover how to improve sales of their existing products.

Features include product sales estimates, competitor tracking, identifying profitable keywords, listing optimization, and finding backend keywords for competitor's listings.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (1 review)

All tools I need to keep pushing my Amazon sales :)

Great all-in-one tool Amazon seller platform! ;) Basically has all the features I needed to start my business on Amaz... more




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Trial: 7 days

STARTERTrack 10 products
Best for new entrants to e-commerce
$29.99 per month
ESSENTIALTrack 25 products
Next level features to grow your sales
$49.99 per month
PROTrack 50 products
Advanced tools to manage an e-commerce business
$79.99 per month
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SellerApp : Supercharge your Amazon Sales

SellerApp vision is to help Amazon sellers help solve two fundamental challenges sellers face - the famous "What product to sell" & "Why am I not getting sales?".

It is a powerful tool that aims to solve challenges for sellers at every step of their journey. It provides accurate data intelligence for sellers to maximize profit. It helps sellers save money by bringing multiple functionalities that are right now only available in isolated tools in one single powerful platform.

It primarily helps sellers understand

1. What products can be profitably sold on Amazon by giving them best selling product ideas based on 6 different categories and individual product opportunity score
2. How they can bring in more traffic through the use of the right keywords, optimize their listings(which is the only thing an Amazon Private Labelers can control), reduce PPC costs by finding competitive keywords
3. Help study competitors by tracking them and their products
4. Help sellers stay on top of their game by setting business alerts on their account and their competitor's account like hijacking alerts, negative review alerts. SellerApp, 21 June 2018
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Updated 22 Mar 2019.

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