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SellerGro offers an Amazon repricing tool that constantly monitors competitors for price changes and reacts to set the best price. SellerGro specializes in identifying the highest price at which the seller can win the Buy Box.

SellerGro includes competitor price monitoring and sales forecasting tools, to help identify competitor strategies and optimize inventory respectively.

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Increase your Amazon revenues and profits by 30%-200% with SellerGro.

SellerGro is a retail analytics platform for online sellers that helps increase sellers’ revenue by 30% to 200%. SellerGro offers intelligent decision support algorithms that helps sellers make thousands of micro profitable decisions on price, products, cataloging, competition and purchase in an automated real-time speed. SellerGro offers a suite of intelligent tools to help Amazon sellers stay on top of competition, changing consumer preferences and market dynamics.
SellerGro Retail Technologies, 13 October 2017
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