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SellerSpirit provides multiple tools including keyword research, which provides search volume, clicks, sales and historical trends. The reverse ASIN tool provides keywords that competitors are ranking for, and the search term shows the back-end keywords that sellers are using.

The product research tool provides sales estimates for best sellers and historical trends for the top 50,000 products in each category. The sales tracker tool tracks sales for any product sold on Amazon.

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel

Hello everyone, This is SellerSpirit, a softwear for Amazon sellers that helps you... more




Access Via Web Based / SaaS
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Trial: 7 days

FreeUp to 10 research queries, 10 tracked products, and 10 tracked keywords Free
StandardUp to 1000 research queries, 10 search term queries, 100 tracked products, and 500 tracked keywords $69 per month
VIPUp to 10000 research queries, 50 search term queries, 2000 reverse ASIN queries, 500 tracked products, and 2000 tracked keywords $189 per month


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Which tools does Amazon sellers use to boost sales? an Amazon seller software—— SellerSpirit A software for Amazon sellers that... more

Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel

Hello everyone, This is SellerSpirit, a softwear for Amazon sellers that helps you... more
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Sell More On Amazon

Many Amazon beginners often ask “How to sell on amazon?”, before this question, you should make sure you didn’t pick a product that is too competitive or yields low profits to sell on amazon marketplace. SellerSpirit help you quickly discover profitable niches and top products. Not only that, SellerSpirit can also help you discover the most popular search terms that customers are using on Amazon in your niche, refine your listing by using the best keywords for your PPC ad campaigns.
Competition is as fierce as ever on Amazon, SellerSpirit can help you make sense of your competition with our feature called Sales Tracker, Sales Tracker lets you view the real-time sales of your competitor's products instantly, with easy-to-read inventory graphs that are updated daily. With an understanding of how the competition is doing, you can refine your own product listings to stay ahead of the pack.
There are more than 9 tools in SellerSpirit, learn more:
1.Keyword Research tool, Get the keywords’ real search volume, clicks, sales and historical trends on Amazon marketplace.
2.Reverse ASIN tool, Get the exact keywords that your competitors are ranking for or bring traffic and sales
3.Search Term tool, Get keywords that seller filled in its backend search term fields. 100% Accuracy Guarantee!
4.Product Research tool, Get the real sales of best sellers and historical trends of top 50000 for every category
5.Moves & Shakers tool, Get the real sales revenue and units, and historical trends for top increased products
6.Keyword Tracker tool, Show daily rankings for your products for any keywords you choose when you perform SEO, or spy your competitor
7.Sales Tracker tool, Track on actual sales volume for any product on Amazon, see your competitors is getting it right and should be emulated
8.ASIN Report, Amazon ARA Data, tell you keywords which bring searches, clicks, add to cart, purchases, and get daily sales from search
9.Get and Remove NegativeReview Alerts SellerSpirit, 7 May 2018
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Updated 14 May 2018.

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