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Sellozo provides a suite of management and optimization tools for Amazon Sellers, powered by real data.

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Amazon Professional Selling account


Access Via SaaS (Cloud Web App)
Advertising Amazon Product Ads
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Trial: 14 days

Sellozo CoreInsights & Analytics $19 per month
Ad AutomationPPC Ads Management & Optimization $49-199 per month
RepricingWin & Keep the Buy Box with Automated Repricing $49-199 per month
Expert SupportThe Help You Need $99-299 per month
Sellozo offers à la carte pricing. Add and remove features as needed based on usage.


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The Supplier Says

Sellozo - Sell Smarter. Sell More. Try Us Free for 14 Days.

Since our inception in 2017, thousands of happy customers have trusted Sellozo to help grow their eCommerce business. As an Amazon Growth Platform with à la carte pricing, you pay for what you need, not what you don’t. Add and remove features as needed based on your usage.

Insights & Analytics:
Our reporting tools are second to none. Our intelligence platform has designed to help you track sales, revenue, profit as well as identify trends and spot problems or opportunities.

Financial Reporting:
Now you can see a complete stream of your Amazon transaction events. Both summary and detailed views of your Receipts, Costs, True Profit and Margins. Think of it as a visual transaction ledger.

Ad Automation:
Easily update your campaigns, bids, keywords – even negative flagging – and more with a few mouse clicks. Our optimizer helps eliminate wasted spend and increase sales.

Stay Competitive with the Sellozo Repricer. Automatically adjust product prices, based on criteria you specify, to win and stay in the Buy Box.

Expert Support:
Our Support team is staffed by Amazon Sellers with years of selling experience. They’re here to help you with everything from how to use the Repricer to Bid Strategy. Sellozo, 22 January 2019
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Updated 17 Jun 2019.

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