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Review of Shippo

What was good about this product or service overall? It is easy to move around their website and printing the shipping labels is an easy process. We tried another service before Shippo, and for us, Shippo has been great. Could anything have been better? Shippo does not have phone support, so... more

Great customer service

I recently sent a query to Shippo asking about their Shoppify app. I hadn't even purchased anything and I got a very fast response with the answer to my question from Shippo customer service. And then I even got further information that helped me understand the problem I was dealing with. The rep ... more

Super fast support help

I like Shippo for several reasons. Every other shipping app I looked at, my business was between price levels: we ship too much to get the free version, but don't ship nearly enough to justify the monthly cost for the paid version. Shippo is cheap and the cost is per label, which is perfect for my... more

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Shippo service was great.

We had a problem with syncing our orders with Woocommerce. We also experienced double listings once everything was synced. Since we were new to both Woocommerce and Shippo, I was concerned about being bounced back and forth. So we contacted them immediately. They immediately recognized the prob... more

Shippo Rocks!

What was good about this product or service overall? First of all, for small home businesses, Shippo makes it possible to be a mail order company without any hassle at all. Plus, any discounts help and it is wonderful that besides being super fast and easy, it is also economical! What could ha... more

Always Easy

Just love the guys at Shippo. They give great support, are easy to work with, are very responsive and made it quite painless for me to get the information I needed as well as anticipating other questions I might have had and providing step by step guidance and exceptional follow up too. ... more

great customer service

I had a hard time printing a shipping label. Emailed Shippo, a lady there, Rebekah, made sure to put the label where I could easy access it. Within several hours, I had my answer, not like with some other businesses which either answer a week later, or not at all.... Overall: in the past year I ... more

Awesome customer service

I haven't used Shippos services yet, but I had a couple snags setting up my account. A sweet young lady quickly jumped in to help. It became quickly evident that I failed to complete pertinent information, but she was completely professional in handling matters I've no doubt any future snags th... more

Great service

I run the Avid Bookshop Book Subscriptions Program from Athens, Georgia, so I'm shipping books out to customers across the U.S. constantly. For this reason, I love using Shippo--it's efficient and affordable and user-friendly. And every time I've had a question, the staff have responded quickly an... more

Great customer support at Shippo

The Shippo API is well documented, and easy to implement. We had a few minor snafus which were quickly remedied. Shippo's customer support is where I've been most impressed. They're always prompt, and actively seek to provide help, instead of just locating the closest matching answer from a kn... more

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Shippo is a multi-carrier, rate-shopping platform with integrations into over a dozen carriers and multiple shopping carts. Available via a dashboard, integrations into shipping carts and OMS, or a robust API.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarhalf star (23 reviews)


Let's be real. They do their best. They're getting better. What started off as an okay service is NOW AMAZING! Rebeka... more

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No Support - Log ticket, nothing, no confirmation, no respon

I've logged 4 tickets with shippo on a store integration, I've received no confirmation that they've received request ... more

Great customer service!

What was good about this product or service overall? Excellent and responsive support. Could anything have been bette... more

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Platforms API, Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites
Carriers Asendia, Australia Post, Canada Post, Deutsche Post, DHL, FedEx, GLS, Newgistics, Parcelforce, Purolator, RR Donnelly, Sendle, UberRUSH, UPS, USPS
eBay Sites All,,
Multichannel ChannelAdvisor, Freestyle MOM, Sellbrite, Selro
Payment Stripe
Shipping Software Snapfulfil
Shopping Carts BigCommerce, GoDaddy Online Store, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace


No setup or monthly fees. Pay the price of postage plus 5 cents per label.


Shipping & Fulfillment » Shipping Tools


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Shippo (no other listings)

The Supplier Says

The shipping solution that grows with you.

Connect with multiple carriers, get discounted shipping labels, track parcels, and much more with just one integration.

Shippo has pre-existing integration into eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce. We also power shipping at GoDaddy and Weebly among many other platforms.

If you are a merchant, we provide a fell featured UI with pre-built integrations into shopping carts to import and ship your orders, and if you're looking for a custom shipping solution you can use our API to build exactly what you need. Shippo, 19 September 2017
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Updated 8 Jun 2018.

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