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Fantastic Customer Support and GREAT Program!

This has been a wonderful experience transitioning into SixBit. The fast and friendly Customer Service the is best I've experienced from any online site and/or program support. All questions have been answered immediately or within the day. Look forward to using the program for eBay listing and so... more

The auction listing software you should have.

I have been selling on eBay for almost 16 years. Anyone who sold back then knows how cumbersome it used to be. When John developed his first listing software, I snapped it up. I’ve been using it through every change and upgrade including now with SixBit. Why? It’s clear to me that he is a top notc... more

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Best available at this time

Sixbit's ebay management system is the best of what is available at this time, which is why I gave it 4 stars. We were forced to convert to SixBit due to Blackthorne being discontinued in September 2014. Since we had a lot of custom written software integrated with Blackthorne, this has been a ... more

Sixbit 5 STARS for both Product and Service

Often left out of reviews is the nature or number of items a seller may offer. We generally offer between 2400 and 2750 items at any given time, we have been selling on ebay since 2001, full time since 2004. For most of that time we used Auction Wizard 2000. Going into 2012 I began looking for a p... more

Great Product, Amazing Service, highly recommended

So here's my honest Sixbit Review. I have been selling on eBay since 1999 and have been stuck with Blackthorne for years. They have a horrible product and even worse support. For a long time I searched for something different that could work better. Then I found Sixbit. Sixbit is clearly bette... more

Great software with great customer service

After 6 month using SixBit we can now say that it is a great system! If you move to 6b you will not be disappointed. European sellers registered in can use this great system. SixBit has a great team with a awesome after sales service and ebay technical knowledge. Do not worry if yo... more

TWO THUMBS up for SixBit

"I run a small ebay operation that has grown considerably over the last four years. I needed to switch software companies as the one I was previously using was full of bugs and provided little customer support and I could not afford the software instability. So affter spending the last four mo... more

I am loving SixBit, easy to use&amazing customer service! Highly recommended from 11+ yr seller

I finally left MarkerAdvisor/Channel Advisor or whatever they are now calling themselves after 6 years of receiving sub par service with an outdated product (they don't offer eBay variations unless you upgrade to the even more expensive service) and high fees. I found SixBit after speaking with f... more

I find this to be the best and easiest software currently out there for my ebay needs.

I had auctionwizard 2000 for 10 years. I recently switched to ebay blackthorne pro. Blackthorne is workable software with all the things auctionwizard did not have. I still had things I did not like about blackthorne and kept looking and trying other programs. I could list all issues I find with b... more

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Same As Blackthorne For The Most Part But Buggier!

Been over 1 year since introduction and progress is slow as have done a demo a few times. Fact is it is a duplicate blackthorne but buggier as the system runs on a microsft platform that does the same bugginess like all over type of programs that use the microsoft platform. Not a techy but know th... more

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SixBit is an ecommerce business management solution. Since 1998, the SixBit team has been developing selling tools for eBay sellers. Their history and knowledge of how sellers work have all been poured into SixBit. SixBit manages all tasks associated with selling items on marketplaces including eBay and Amazon.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstardim star (43 reviews)

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Wouldn't recommend

It has potential and got some goodies but it uses your computer sources and therefore compared to cloud alternatives i... more

Best Out There For The Price

This is hands down the best eBay listing tool for the price. I have been using this software since it was owned by eB... more

stardim stardim stardim stardim star
Absolute Trash

Sucks right from the beginning avoid it - look for something else. I encounter issues from the very beginning: I cou... more

Latest News

eBay Turbo Lister Replacements: Five of the Best Alternatives

A new in-depth post looks at five of the best replacements for eBay's obsolete Turbo List... more

SixBit Amazon Support Officially Released

Ecommerce management tool SixBit, best known as software for eBay sellers, now supports Amazo... more

In-Depth Interview with SixBit Founder John Slocum

A new interview with the founder of eBay software company SixBit has been published on the We... more

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eBay listing/inventory tool

...these Inventoried Items be *lost* using SixBit, or will I be able to access these... more


Access Via API, Windows Software
Amazon Sites,,
Carriers Express 1
eBay Sites,,,
Shipping Software Endicia, Monsoon Stone Edge


Trial: 30 days

Home and Hobby Edition2 selling accounts, bulk edit, sales management, emails etc. $19.99 per month
Small Business Edition5 selling accounts, postage labels, inventory tracking etc. $34.99 per month
Enterprise EditionAutomatic inventory allocation, unlimited accounts, unlimited custom emails, analysis tools for sales, buyers, suppliers, items, listings and orders. $69.99 per month
Enterprise Edition DuoAs Enterprise Edition but with support for two sites $99.99 per month


Multichannel Management » Inventory & Channel Management

A new in-depth post looks at five of the best replacements for eBay's obsolete Turbo Lister. They are SixBit, Xpress Lister, Wonder Lister, Ad-Lister and CrazyLister.

This month marks the end of an era, as eBay retires its listing tool, Turbo Lister, after almost two decades of service.

This is driving many sellers to third-party listing tools. But, with several tools claiming to be the premier Turbo Lister replacement, it can be hard to decipher which is right for you. Maybe you've tried several already, but haven't found one you like, or are yet to find one with all the features you need.

To help, we've taken five listing tools that sellers could use to replace Turbo Lister. We've reviewed their key features, and identified which type of sellers they are most suited to.

Read eBay Turbo Lister Replacements: Five of the Best Alternatives.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Ecommerce management tool SixBit, best known as software for eBay sellers, now supports Amazon marketplaces in the US, UK and Canada.

SixBit 3.0 can now be used to manage and submit items to Amazon as well as track and process Amazon orders. Features include:

  • Import existing Amazon listings into SixBit and match with existing items
  • Store Amazon-specific information with an item
  • Create inventory items from the Amazon catalog
  • List to Amazon (only items with an ASIN)
  • Allocate stock between channels automatically when sales occur
  • Revise listings individually or in bulk

SixBit 3.0 also includes a new customizable item entry form. The window has movable, sizeable and customizable panes and tabs to provide complete control over the fields shown, and the order they are shown in.

SixBit also has a new look-and-feel based on Windows 10 and other current Microsoft products. The previous style, based on Microsoft Office 2007, will remain available and can be chosen instead of the new theme.

Finally, the latest SixBit has numerous speed improvements, batch image editing, and direct download of payment fees from PayPal.

Source: SixBit

A new interview with the founder of eBay software company SixBit has been published on the Web Retailer blog.

John talks about his long history with eBay, why he still prefers desktop-based software, and why SixBit is now adding support for Amazon.

Read 20 Years in eBay Software: An Interview with SixBit's John Slocum

Source: Web Retailer Blog

eBay selling management tool SixBit has released a new integration with the Amazon marketplace to beta testing with all existing users.

Amazon features in the beta release include importing and matching existing Amazon items, storing of Amazon-specific information, creating items from the Amazon catalog, listing items with an ASIN on Amazon, variation items support, FBA inventory tracking, and automatic inventory level adjustments.

Existing SixBit features also work with Amazon including printing postage, packing lists, pick lists, inventory labels, bulk data editing, import and export via CSV, XML or API and more.

A new Enterprise Duo price plan has all of the same functionality as the Enterprise Edition but supports two sites, for a price of $99.99 per month. But before July 1st, 2016, the Enterprise Duo Edition will have the same price as the Enterprise Edition ($69.99 per month).

Source: SixBit

A major update of eBay selling management tool SixBit includes inventory management improvements and its own API for integrating the software with other services.

Enhancements in SixBit 2.0 include:

  • Faster entry, batch editing and more import options.
  • Inline grid editing of items, inventory, orders, shipments, sales, suppliers and buyers.
  • Improved picture editor with text drawing, annotations, and corner rounding.
  • Custom fields that can be included in grids, reports, packing lists, description wrappers and email templates.
  • Additional picture storage options to reduce database size.
  • Batch editing of orders, shipments and sales to quickly update multiple shipment services or tracking numbers.
  • CSV and XML import/export of orders, shipment, sales, suppliers, buyers and compatibility sets.
  • Introduction of the SixBit API with Drop Folder processing to more tightly integrate SixBit with existing processes.

Source: SixBit Software

eBay selling management tool SixBit has added support for the US Postal Service's SCAN (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) forms and eBay's new extended holiday returns.

USPS SCAN features are available for Endicia and Express-1 printed postage. SCAN Forms allow sellers to take multiple packages to the post office and provide just a single barcode scan to accept all the packages at once, reducing the amount of time it takes to drop off USPS packages. Forms can also be reprinted.

The latest release also adds support for eBay's new extended holiday returns policy, where sellers have to accept returns for a longer period on items purchased from September to December.

Source: SixBit

Sellers using management tool SixBit currently have over two million items listed on eBay.

The count doesn't include listings from users who opt out of showing a SixBit tagline, so the true figure is even higher.

Source: SixBit

Management tool for eBay sellers SixBit has added a feature to quickly add items by their product code, and the ability to control listing and email content using conditional logic such as "if" statements.

The new "Multiple Item Add" feature enables sellers of catalog items (such as books, DVDs or video games) to quickly add items by providing a list of UPC, ISBN or EAN product codes. The codes can be pasted into SixBit, or uploaded from a file. SixBit looks up the items in the eBay Catalog to find product information, and enters them into the selected item template to create new eBay items. Barcode readers are also supported.

The release also includes conditional logic for HTML templates, product descriptions and emails. This means that text (or images) can be shown or hidden depending on each product's data.

SixBit have enabled some analysis tools in the Small Business Edition of their product, including reports on items, suppliers and buyers.

Finally, users of SixBit's Consignment Module now have access to a new Consignors Analysis Tool to see lists of consignors and information including commissions and number of items sold.

Source: SixBit

Monsoon's Stone Edge order management tool now supports eBay management software SixBit.

SixBit says that StoneEdge was a popular order management tool for users of eBay Blackthorne, many of whom have moved to SixBit following Blackthorne's retirement by eBay.

Source: SixBit

eBay management software SixBit has enhanced its options for setting the eBay Shipped From location.

Previously a single location would be set as the origin for all items, and would be used by eBay to calculate shipping rates. Now sellers who ship from more than one warehouse or use drop shipping, can set the Shipped From location independently for each item and for each drop shipper.

SixBit has also added a number of features requested by users of eBay's discontinued software Blackthorne, including the ability to submit best offer values as percentages and print Listing Labels like Blackthorne.

Source: SixBit

See all 28 news items about SixBit.

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Re: why are no negative reviews for any of the tools?

@jazker3435 Not picking on Webinterpret, but how about these reviews ? Not... more

eBay listing/inventory tool

...these Inventoried Items be *lost* using SixBit, or will I be able to access these... more

Re: Multi-channel listing software products they aren't too bad. I use Sixbit for eBay. They just released support... more

Re: What is the best Auction Management Sofware? anyone who was using Blackthorne, SixBit, and any other third party software.... more

Re: Leading Inventory Management Softwares

... What we ended up doing was using SixBit as a basis (it has an open database)... more

Re: Looking for a Product Listing Manager

@moshe22 We currently use SixBit. It is not cloud based, but it serves us well... more

Re: Do you use any ecommerce software or services?

How do you like SixBit over turbolister or file exchange? Please let me know.... more

Re: Shooting Star Software - FooDog Software over the last few months. SixBit was the best of the lot if you are a... more

Re: Shooting Star Software - FooDog Software

...desktop-based eBay selling software SixBit is your best option, or others to look... more

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SixBit Software (no other listings)

The Supplier Says

Here are just a few of our major features...

- Create items from existing items or saved item templates.
- Automatically scale, compress, and watermark images just by dropping them into your listing.
- Use predefined shipping, payment and listing upgrade templates to speed up data entry.
- View instant item performance statistics to decide whether or not to relist an item.
- Keep track of inventory including inventory shrinkage and easy inventory reconciliation.
- The most intuitive implementation of item variations found in any tool.
- Inherited custom item specifics eliminates the need to create item specifics in multiple categories.
- Free submission of scheduled listings.
- Bulk revision of running listings.
- Send custom emails manually or automatically.
- Automatically leave feedback.
- Print packing lists in bulk.
- Print postage (integrated with Endicia and Express One for discounted USPS postage, and UPS Worldship for UPS carrier labels)
- Purchase discounted insurance by checking a single box.
- Divide orders into multiple shipments.
- Process returns and lost shipments.
- Instantly view profit and loss on each order, or all orders during a time frame.
- Generate sales tax reports
- Import from eBay, Turbo Lister or eBay Blackthorne.
- Supports multiple selling ids (based on your subscription level)
- Supports multiple employee login accounts (based on your subscription level)
... and much more.
SixBit Software, 9 December 2010
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Updated 17 Sep 2018.

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