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Auction gallery with customizable look and feel, and product categories. Can link multiple user IDs into one gallery.

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The Supplier Says

Key Features

# Cross-link an unlimited number of your User Id's.
# Increase Sales - Guide customers to continue browsing your items rather than going back to the search list. Draw customers toward your other sales rather than your competitor's auctions.
# Direct even more traffic toward your eBay auctions by putting AuctionLynxx on your company's website or "about me" page.
# Customize the look and feel of your AuctionLynxx so that it reflects your company's brand, logo, and colors.
# With PictureLynxx, customers will see photos of your current items for sale scrolling across the screen. Customers can click on any photo to view the item's description.
# Auctions are grouped into sub-categories, making it easy & fast for customers to search your entire inventory.
# Choose from a variety of billing options to fit your growing business needs. From the supplier's website