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Membership site offering professionally designed eBay auction templates, feedback boxes, picture borders, custom templates, and marketing videos.

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Spicy Auction Templates – Revolution in the eBay Templates World!

“We just have to give eBay shoppers and sellers more contemporary shopping and selling experience” says Andy Minalto, CEO of MLT Publishing. “It’s a shame that at the end of the first decade in the 21st century we have to struggle to clearly read and scan the product descriptions while shopping. Besides – the sellers lose a big part of the profit when the visitors leave simply because the listings don’t give a good first impression. Let alone any advanced strategies to increase the sales.”

Spicy Auction Templates – or SAT – as they call themselves – is a team of young dedicated people having built an extensive bank of eBay listing templates. They also have tested dozens of auction selling strategies to achieve the best conversion rates. The design is at the highest standard and you can choose from 750+ templates having logged into your members area at SAT. MLT Publishing, 22 April 2008
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