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Stalco Canadian Shipping Services


Stalco Fulfillment Services are for companies looking to get their products to Canadian customers quickly, at low cost, and without getting stuck with COD invoices from Canadian Border Services for taxes and brokerage fees.

Stalco fulfills orders from within Canada, offering low-cost flat rate shipping and eliminating COD charges for tax and duty.

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Cross-border selling on marketplaces - the good and the bad? bring across the border at once. Stalco will typically pick up a pallet from... more




Access Via API, Web Based / SaaS
Carriers Canada Post


Simple all inclusive fulfillment rates.
Cost per order includes storage, receiving, packaging and multiple SKU picks.
Flat rate shipping across Canada.
Great rates whether your are shipping a thousand units a day or just a few orders a week.


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Cross-border selling on marketplaces - the good and the bad? bring across the border at once. Stalco will typically pick up a pallet from... more
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Stalco (1 other listing)

The Supplier Says

Your Canadian D2C Fulfillment & Shipping Partner

Since 1994 Stalco has been assisting US companies with ALL their Canadian fulfillment and shipping needs. As a full service company we handle everything involved in successfully selling your products in Canada including:

-Customs Clearance
-Regulatory Compliance – We are licensed by Health Canada and have deep expertise in dealing with Health & Beauty products
-Pick n Pack Fulfillment
-EDI integration for Real Time Inventory Management
-Returns Processing
-Consolidated shipping services

With Stalco, your products will reach your Canadian customers in a matter of days without customs delays or surprise charges for duty and taxes resulting in a much more satisfied Canadian customer and hence stronger retention rates and profitability. Stalco is fully licensed by Health Canada with a Natural Health Product Site License for Importation, Distribution, and Labeling.
Stalco, 19 June 2015
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Updated 24 Aug 2018.

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