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Subivi is a CRM (helpdesk) that helps eBay sellers manage their customer support operation, without any need to open eBay or additional information sources.

Subivi has advanced automation tools, and full eBay support features including returns and cases. It provides a single inbox for multiple eBay accounts, quick-replies and pre-saved Templates, auto-translation and a complete view of customer data.

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Built for eBay sellers - By eBay sellers

As former eBay sellers, we are aware of the small things that matter to you, we are familiar with the different workflows and know exactly what you need to seamlessly manage your customer support.

We’ve built Subivi so that you could manage your entire customer support cycle in an easy and intuitive way. Our platform is packed with features especially built so that you can close your tickets in the minimum time possible while keeping your customers satisfied and ready for future purchases. Subivi, 15 November 2018
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Updated 14 Mar 2019.

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