Swank is an arbitrage app that helps eBay resellers source items faster from thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. Swank takes an item search and returns sold listing data along with average turnover rate, average pricing and a Swank Score which ranks profitability.

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The Supplier Says

Inventory Sourcing Re-imagined

Swank eliminates the guesswork and time consuming research normally required to source items for reselling online.

Items are Ranked from 1-100 based on Item Profit and Popularity.

Turnover Rate shows you how quickly a particular item sells on average, so you’ll know which items are shortail vs longtail.

Get Item rankings based on Sold Used, New, Auction or Fixed Price Items. The barcode scan tool can be used to scan media (Books, OVIls,VHS) to get their swank data. Swankhunt, 26 June 2015
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Updated 24 Aug 2018.

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