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Rock M Roll Marketing is a powerful e-commerce tool helping businesses drive sales and increase conversions. With its cutting-edge algorithms, Rock M Roll empowers retailers. It allows companies to effectively reach the target audience and boost their online presence. Our Rock M Roll review lists the service details, pricing, and more.


Service Details

Rock M Roll Marketing uses results-driven growth marketing methodology to help brands strategize and launch products, build and optimize conversions and get lightning speed results on Amazon. Walmart, Shopify and most major eCommerce marketplaces.

They work with brands in every business stage from small business to enterprise.  Rock M Roll also has a team of expert consultants and PPC/Paid Ads specialists who optimize Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Sponsored Ads, Amazon DPS, Walmart Sponsored Search (WSS), Google ADS and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Customers SupportedWorldwide

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Services & Integrations

Amazon SitesAll Amazon Websites
Advertising & MarketingAmazon Product Ads
Walmart SitesAll Walmart Sites
Walmart & MarketingAll Walmart Marketing




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Mark Kittrige

Mark Kittrige

2023-05-06 18:41:21

Took our Amazon DSP Advertising campaigns to the next level.

What where the positives?

Expert team members. They really know what they are doing. We were given conservative performance goals for our Amazon DSP campaigns. And, they far surpassed those and what we expected. We had so much success with our DSP that we moved to a fully managed solution for all our eCommerce channels.

Any negatives?

The set up time was a bit longer than we expected for DSP. We were in a rush to get the Amazon DSP up and running. But, this was more of an Amazon issue as they have processes for onboarding and those take some time.


Amazon DSP is a completely different marketing platform. And, it's not available directly to us as a seller. It's also a much larger requirement for ad spend. So, we really needed to make sure that we were going to use an agency that knew what they were doing and would get us an RoAS on our ad spend. We are so happy we did and our campaigns are flourishing.

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