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Amazon sellers of all product categories, on all country marketplaces, who want to build their brand, grow sales, and reduce ad spend.

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Amazonia PPC is an Amazon marketing agency providing advertising solutions for Amazon sellers. 

Services include Amazon PPC management, branding and product listing optimization.


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Casey Simmons

Casey Simmons

2021-02-17 00:00:46

Excellent Agency for Streamlining Amazon advertising needs

What where the positives?

Amazonia streamlined the Amazon advertising of our e-commerce hair care business to significantly reduce our ACOS and drive growth for a number of our SKUs. They are very hands-on in structuring campaigns, and stay on top of new ad formats that Amazon rolls out. They provide monthly tracking of performance as well as advice when we have questions about listing optimization, changes in our review rankings, and effectiveness of our storefront. Finally, working with our account team (Maya and Jelena) is a pleasure: they have great communication skills and are very responsive.

Any negatives?

No negatives. However, we would like more frequent automated reports using different tools. Amazonia will provide this to you, just ask. We did not put this in our initial request and found that it would have been a bonus.


Amazonia is extremely attentive, which is very important when dealing with PPC and ACOS. They are a great find and hire.

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