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AMZRefund finds potential FBA reimbursements by downloading and analyzing Amazon FBA inventory data.

Sellers purchase a report including the relevant order data and instructions on how to file a claim, for 8% of the expected reimbursement. Refunds are given for reimbursement claims that are not successful.

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12% commission taken of any refund.

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  • Eugene.ole

    Overall rating

    Do not trust them

    I have tried using their service and paid $120 for a report. so I got a report with FNSKUs which does not match the actual orders.
    Support keeps replying with the same reply that I should try opening a case on Amazon with the request for a refund, but the information in the report is not matching actual orders and 80% of the report is backdated as 2018, which makes it irrelevant.
    I'm so fed up that from one side Amazon tries to screw you up and from another side ***mers like
    Please do not waste your time and money on these ***mers.

  • VMVM

    Overall rating

    Fast, Cheap, Easy and Profitable

    I use AMZ Refund every 2-3 months and it always gets back significant money that I can't find myself via account audits. They only charge 8% vs the 25% that the other main player does.

    Also, this service is one of the only ones that is within Amazon's TOS, as they don't send in 100% automated refund requests (it's semi-automated, as they find the inventory/refund/missing item mess-ups, and then gives you a template to submit the tickets to Amazon, which makes it TOS-ok).

    All in all, I'll keep using these guys. Recommended.

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