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AQI Service is a professional quality control audit company in China. With more than 40 active quality inspectors, AQI Service offers third-party product inspection and laboratory testing services. The platform also offers container loading supervision and Amazon FBA inspection services. Check out its pricing and product details in this AQI Service review.

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AQI Service is a professional quality control service company in China providing a complete range of sourcing and quality inspection service to importers, buyers, retailers and online sellers.

Services include in-production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision, factory audits and supplier investigations, barcode and packaging inspection, and product testing and compliance certification.

Products that can be inspected include soft lines, hard lines, furniture, bags, toys, electronics, textiles, clothing and more. Inspections can take place in several countries including China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Price Range
From $198 per man-day in China.
From $268 per man-day in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.
From $300 per man-day in in Taiwan and Turkey.

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Wender Worrell

Wender Worrell

2019-12-29 00:00:41

Highly recommend

What where the positives?

Glad to write a review here for AQI Service since we worked with them for over 4 years, and we are very happy in these years. They helped us a lot, and we can see the quality of our products are better than better, and our selling improved a lot too. They do not only third party inspection, but also quality control and compliance certification, and quality improvement advises. We really rely on them as they are professional and honesty.

Any negatives?




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