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ASINspector is an Amazon market research tool which finds bestselling products.

Features include a revenue estimator, product review statistics, sales data for third party websites such as Walmart, favorite searches, keyword search, mobile product scanner, filtering, ASIN import, and related keywords list builder.

Sourcing features help sellers find the cost and availability of products on AliExpress, Alibaba and eBay.

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$147.00 per year

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  • A. A.

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    The software doesn't work and customer service doesn't care

    I have purchased their standard chrome extension for amazon sale analysis.

    The extension doesn't work for more than six months now, and the company is not able to solve this issue.

    Up to this date, I have created several tickets over their support portal and asked for a solution. However, my tickets were closed after a short time without solving the problem. Furthermore, some of the tickets were entirely deleted from the portal's ticket history. (I, on the other hand, have saved all screenshots included chat history as evidence).
    I didn't give up and created a new ticket every time after they've closed my last ticket and asked for an explanation.

    The latest ticket is created on 6 July but without any solution yet.

    Sending my reminders every two weeks, led to the following "informative" statements:

    " I have submitted it to the engineers."

    and two weeks ago:

    " I am working with the engineers to resolve this issue."

    Worst customer service ever.

  • jordang

    Overall rating


    LOTS of great stuff here

    Really like this product. There is so much under the hood and so much data available, it can help you make product decisions for what to sell on Amazon and gives you a lot of data to chew on. There's so much data and so much to learn that they include 11 short videos with the product. For $97 or so per year, it's a great value.

    Their customer support is good. There is live chat available (not all the time) and they are very responsive on email.

    If you are selling on Amazon, you need Asinspector Pro. You will learn a lot about the categories that you want to sell it or the categories that you are already selling in.

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