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AuctionSage is auction management software which allows sellers to create auctions offline and then post them live in bulk. Includes invoicing, labels, emailing, feedback, and special eBay functions such as second chance offers and non-paying bidder reports.

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$75 for 6 months, $45 for 3 months, $20 for 1 month, $10 license transfer

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • astounding

    Overall rating

    $17,000+- p/m NET consistently. Only possible with AuctionSage.

    Been using AS since 2008. Found it from desperate search after another eBay solution went bankrupt. Reason I choose AS is because it had a very unique sales flow management, that naturally forces an eBay seller to run their business as efficiently, effectively and carefully as possible.

    To this day Oct 2011, I can't find any company who understands this flow and automated transaction followup like AS. You simply WILL NOT FIND it.

    For example, with AS you can create a "Status" folder.

    Like "Payment Received" status. And when you ship your items inside "Payment Received", it moves it to status called "Item Shipped".

    When item has been 5 days inside "Item Shipped", you send a feedback followup email. It then moves that item inside status folder "Feedback Requested 1x".

    That's as general as I can describe it. Power comes in fact that you can created IF/THEN conditions based on your unique eBay business. Hence adapt the Status folders on that.

    In overall, it gives you an absolute bird-eyes view of what's happening with your business. And who needs to get what email, until you've received your positive feedback, where then your item goes into "Completed" status folder.

    And let me tell you: I'm not just a seller. But a direct marketing expert. Business is my life. I learn all points of views. I must know it all, and test it all. I'm telling you this so you know AuctionSage isn't a recommendation based on limited view. But view that's very well aware of dozens of other eBay options out there.

    As a smart, successful business owner, let me tell you: The best advice you'll ever hear for growing a successful eBay biz is use a management solution that naturally incorporates a proven sales process and conversion-rate boosting structure within it.

    AuctionSage fulfills that criteria 100%.

    Right now I'm running 2 installs of AS on same computer (each manages a different eBay account).

    What more can I say? Download the demo. Please use it. And know you're using something that someone like me (with tons of transactions each day), depends on 80% of it's features to thrive indefinitely, which would've clearly not been possible if I ended up using the common monthly subscription solutions.

    Good luck fellow business man! Go make it happen! Deliver value. Customers deserve it!

  • vk2him

    Overall rating

    AuctionSage - a real alternative to Shooting Star

    With the demise Shooting Start which was an excellent Auction Management system, over the last two weeks I have been working closely with John the author of AuctionSage (AS) to get it to work in a similar way to Shooting Star (SS).

    As background, I was initially put off AS because many of its features only work on Ebay USA and UK. However after discussion with John and by experimentation, AS will work on any Ebay site if you only use the functionality that SS has. As a bonus, AS has many improvements that SS doesn't have.

    To clarify that statement, AS will successfully download sales from any Ebay site including buyer address details, checkout details (postage, insurance etc), and more.

    With Johns considerable help, I have now customised AS to work almost the same as SS, ie,
    - I have setup the "Stages" that SS has. AS calls these "Status Folders"
    - AS has form letter templates for emails and invoices similar to SS. They are better than the SS ones though as you can include html code to make them as fancy as you want, including graphics etc.
    - I used the SS email and invoice templates to create AS equivalents (see below for a link to these). John created a number of new "auto-fill" Merge Fields to match the ones in SS. Sending these emails will automatically change the Stage (or Status Folder in AS speak).
    - It is very easy to combine multiple purchases into one invoice
    - It is equally as easy to either add non-ebay sales to an invoice containing ebay sales or to create a non-ebay sale invoice

    One new feature that is a real time-saver is the Paypal Payment Processor (PPP). This will download any Paypal payments and process them automatically for you. All new Paypal Payments go into a Status Folder called "Paid by Paypal" ready for you to print the invoice and send a "Payment Received" email.

    There are a number of functions that AS does a bit different to SS, but once you get used to them it becomes second nature. For example, when sending emails SS gives the option to send now or "store" the email in the outbox for you to send in bulk later. AS doesn't give you the option to "store" the email, however you can select any number of invoices and instruct AS to email them using one of your email templates. I have asked John to consider adding the "store in Outbox" option and he is considering it.

    AS has many other features that only work on Ebay USA or UK. These include the ability to list auctions, similar I guess to the Toaster?? Others include the ability to modify running auctions (end auction early etc). None of these features were part of SS anyway, so if you're looking for a pure SS replacement then look no further than AS.

    Some other cool features include the ability to import sales from non ebay sites. You simply setup an import template that maps the relevant fields then apply that template to your non ebay sales data. I used this to import my prior SS sales, so now I can truly abandon SS which I have done

    You may think I'm "pimping" AS, and you're probably right . I promised John I'd do a write-up of AS and mention how flexible he was in making some changes to suit anyone who was familiar with SS.

    I am currently running a "beta" version of AS that includes some SS specific email template merge fields and it works great. John will release this soon to the General public.

    For those interested, I have loaded my templates that match the SS ones onto my server at the following url (Right Click to save to your PC if you want download them)

    AS has many more features and the above is only an overview that hopefully will clarify that AS will work on any Ebay site provided you don't use it to list or modify open auctions.

    Ian vk2him

  • prairiedawg

    Overall rating

    The BEST there is !

    4 years of searching Auction Management Systems finally brought me to Auction Sage.

    4 years of abuse at the hands of the supposed fully automated systems that don't work.

    4 years of the worst possible customer service on the planet.

    Oh how I wish I'd have found Auction Sage at the outset. It just doesn't get any better than this.


  • iron_chick

    Overall rating

    I wish I could give it more stars.

    I started looking around for a new auction lister and management service at the end of June. I wanted the inventory control features and reliability my former lister lacked.

    I tried . . . pretty much everything. Some things twice.

    I FINALLY tried AuctionSage after reading yet another glowing review . . . and was almost instantly hooked. I think it *looked* hard to me, which is why I hadn't tried it earlier, but in reality, it is just as easy to use as my former lister (SpareDollar) and did I mention it actually works? It does. Consistently. 🙂 And . . .users are notified of updates which are made pretty much instantly any time eBay enhances anything.

    The listing feature is faster than anything I've tried. The post sale management ROCKS. I am able to manage my inventory and order fulfillment for my OFF EBAY sales. 🙂

    I can bulk revise current listings as well as make major bulk revisions on inventory items. With the click of a button. FPL day. No problem. Just click and bulk switch your store items to FPL items. Don't all sell? No problem. Just click and bulk switch them all back.

    And last but definitely not least . . . the customer service is top notch and is provided by the owner, who knows his program and writes his own code. Well. 🙂

    I wish I'd tried AuctionSage first . . . but maybe if I had, I wouldn't realize what a jewel it is!!

    Every week I find new things that AuctionSage does. (This week's goodie - you can uploade your inventory to an oscommerce store - how cool is that??) I'm like a kid at Christmas, getting to open new gifts all the time. 🙂

    Worth twice the money or more (but please don't do that to us, John! :))

  • bigjohn

    Overall rating

    Not enough Stars for this Winner

    I've tried most of them and this one has it all.
    Everything always works and it gives me everything I could want.

    If you have a question you won't wait long for an answer. eBay changes are updated immediately, too.

    The program is super fast running.

    They also have a free program called Bidsage that is fantastic for keeping searches and sniping auctions. I doubt there's a better paid program to be found than Bidsage.

    You can download to excel from both programs.

    I confidently recommend AuctionSage and BidSage to anyone and have no fear of embarrasment for doing so. It works!

  • haberdine

    Overall rating

    I found the ultimate solution!

    I am a new user of AuctionSage software. My decision to buy this tool was based on the reviews posted on this site. I cannot emphazise enough how happy I am now with this software. I was shopping for management tool for about 3 months - trying different versions -my final choice was between two: AuctionSage and Masterworks. I would like to thank you - the founder of this site and all users. Your reviews and tips were really helpful.
    AuctionSage program is great, it's exactly what I was looking for. So far, I don't need any help from the developer - the logic is clear. Everything is working fine and fast! Thank you one more time, happy user - haberdine

  • Bwana Bob

    Overall rating

    The Best Out There

    In the past few days I've evaluated most of the leading auction management programs, and only this one has both the power and the flexibility to let me configure it to work the way I want it to work. It has an effective, intuitive workflow system for e-mail communication, and it lets me change completely the workflow structure to match my current system. It spits out nicely formatted packing lists that combine multiple purchases and can handle any number of items. It interfaces with Endicia's Dazzle and automatically process PayPal payments. Lots more, too!

    The support truly shines. I've gotten replies literally within minutes. And even when I asked dumb questions, the developer gave polite, supportive answers.

    Sure, it sounds lame, but using this software almost puts the fun back into listing thousands on auctions on eBay, shooting out thousands of e-mails, ...

    Well, almost...

  • soundaccents

    Overall rating

    The best tool I have evaluated so far

    I have tryied the free trail on many auction management programs and this is the best I have found so far. Most others I tried for a few hours and there was always some fundamental problem that made my old way seem better. I still don't know if I will buy it or not though.

    Currently I use paypal auction tools to track the progress of a product (invoiced, paid, shipped) and my some folders in outlook express to organize stuff.

    I really like that buyers address sometimes show up. But they don't show all the time.

    I'll give it five stars if I buy it.

    I am buying it!! I am upgrading it to 5 stars. It does everything I want it itoo.

  • Dan

    Overall rating

    Great features and support

    AuctionSage has so many features it takes a while just to find everything and the support forum is fast and friendly! Could not live without it!

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