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AZ Gizmo is a suite of tools for Amazon sellers.

Opportunity Gizmo is a Chrome extension which gathers pricing, ranking, estimated sales, estimated revenue, product dimensions, Buy Box ownership and more from Amazon product pages and search result pages.

Imperative Gizmo is a product tracker that helps Amazon sellers make better decisions, relying on trends rather than single data points.

Mobile Gizmo is a free powerful research assistant for mobile devices.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Android App
  • Chrome Extension
  • iOS App
  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

Opportunity Gizmo (Chrome Extension) - $49 one-off payment.
Imperative Gizmo (Product Tracker) - $29.99 per month.
Mobile Gizmo - free.

Trial Length: 7 days (Opportunity), 14 days (Imperative)

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  • GeneNY

    Overall rating


    3 months later

    3 months later, and we are still avid users of this scouting software. To a large extend due to their support and attention to details. We have started evaluating a new category, but the tool kept failing us there. An email to their support staff, and a week later we are in business.

    Thank you, AZ Gizmo Team!

    PS Just received an invite for the Beta eval of Imperative Gizmo -- their tracking software. Sounds promising, but will report later as we use it more.

    As any Amazon seller with a sizable catalog, I finally got to a point where locating new product opportunities by simply browsing website becomes impractical. Tried a few, even paid for one. AZ Gizmo at this point is the way to go. Its product data scraping is less buggy, more accurate, and allows to combine multiple searches into single Excel export. My staff and I spend one third of the time to stay on top of new competitors and variations -- forget the never ending copy/pasting of pricing, ranking, etc. 🙂

    Do we still occasionally come across a product they can't process? Yes, but they resolve issues quickly and their support staff is extremely responsive.

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