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Cascadia Seller Solutions provides Amazon brand development services including sourcing from China, product compliance, packaging design and labeling, customs and logistics.

Brand management services include traffic generation, conversion optimization, branding support and business coaching.

Brand protection services include handling listing and account suspensions, on-site operational reviews, and dealing with regulatory authorities such as customs, the FTC and FDA.

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  • Max Hamasaki

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Expedited Professional Service!

    What were the positives?

    We were having issues with an appeal that two other companies and competitors failed to get us reinstated. I was referred to Cascadia to help expedite our appeal. Amazon responded in my favor and reinstated our listing immediately.

    Any negatives?

    None, they were great in ever aspect.


    I am so pleased with the high level quality of the team. Every member knew what they were talking about and they definitely displayed their expertise with the quick appeal and submission with confidence. We are so very happy about our expeience with Cascadia.

  • NBrant

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    All Inclusive Account Management for the WIN!

    What were the positives?

    I was able to work with real consultants who problem solve for me rather than me having to bring forth everything that looked off about my account. Reporting is easy to read, response times are quick, and they are ontop of every issue Amazon throws at me. They are realistic with where they think I should grow and what I should cut out of my offerings. They do it the right way, unlike other agencies i've worked with who take shortcuts and get me suspended!!!

    Any negatives?



    Super happy about my account growth and progress. They were recommended by a friend whos been using their services for a few years now. Honestly the best find and bang for my buck by far.

  • Jason Singleton

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Amazon experts that see the BIG picture not just your Amazon Sales

    What were the positives?

    They offer more than just Account Management. They look at the bigger Picture and overall strategy focusing on driving traffic to Amazon through various channels. They are a team of experts in their areas and don't beat around the bush.

    Any negatives?

    For someone that's not analytical, I always require a walk through of my numbers. That's not a negative on their part, but something I am working on.


    Their packages are a great deal compared to sourcing off of Fivvr, UPwork, and using hourly services. Its just like hiring myself an expert employee without having to pay the expert employee salary. I get all of the Amazon services PLUS I get photography, videography, daily monitoring, inventory planning, and most recently social media and customer service. I've enjoyed working with the team and will continue working with them as long as I am selling on Amazon. My sales have now tripled since i've hired Cascadia.

  • Jane2

    Overall rating

    Knowledgeable Group of Amazon Experts!

    I am currently a SUPER HAPPY Account Management client that has really taken advantage of everything Cascadia has to offer. They are a group of ex-Amazon employees that really know there stuff.

    1. My advertising has more than tripled my sales within the first six months of me giving over the account.

    2. They take care of my customer service flawlessly and have implemented Amazon approved blurbs so that we are within Amazon's TOS.

    3. Once you are "in" you can ask as many questions as you need without having to pay consulting prices.

    4. They've taken care of my Brand Registry and implemented A+ content on all of my listings.

    5. They have a team that monitors your account daily and will call out anything that looks funky.

    6. They have compliance and product development services as add-ons when you have any issues with your manufacturer.

    I can go on and on with the list of things they've helped me with thus far. I can honestly say, MONEY WELL SPENT.

  • vansiehome

    Overall rating

    Cascadia Delivers Above & Beyond

    I would suggest that people look at Cascadia's response to any negative reviews to see the whole picture. I have worked with Cascadia for several years now, using both free training and tools as well as paid services and training modules. There literally is NO OTHER PLACE that you can get the truth about what works and what doesn't work that ALSO falls under Amazon's Terms of Service. They also will show you how to accomplish everything with minimal outside paid services. Most other trainers are sending you to their apps or others that they get a profit from. So how can you possibly know if they are the best? You don't. And the fact is that you can do a LOT of things without the expensive services and it doesn't really take any longer for most of them. They not only bring a personal level of service to anything I have gotten from them, they CARE that I succeed and are there for any questions I have ever had. If I have a problem with something, they either explain so I understand better or fix what is an actual problem on their part. I have rarely found a company that wants to give their customers the level of support that I think is important. We all know Amazon's philosophy is customers first and that drives ALL their policies. Well, the same is true of Cascadia and they teach that to sellers, as well. If someone is unhappy, all they have to do it talk to them about it. I firmly believe that anyone still unhappy was probably never going to be satisfied or has unrealistic expectations of what was to be provided. Seriously, if you are considering learning how to be successful on Amazon and you are interested in doing it the RIGHT way, not necessarily the current "fad" and the quickest way, then there is no better firm than Cascadia.

  • M. Flemmin

    Overall rating

    Exactly what I was looking for

    I am so happy to leave this review because my experience was not anything like the other negative ones I read here. I worked with Cascadai on three projects over the past 2 years. One for safety issues with my product. The other times for advertising and impvrovements to my listings and enhanced content.

    Each time I had excellent results with reinstatement in just a few days! Plus my sales have gone way up, and advertising costs has gone way way down.

    Rachel, Mali, and Cristina are SO HELPFUL! They delivered everything I needed, and more. When there was a delay from the lab that was out of their control, they communicated to me in my teamwork and always let me know what was going on.

    They did not make me feel like I was just any other person and taking my money. They care about doing things the right way no matter what it takes. They wouldn't even tell me how to break the rules!

    All in all, I am very pleased with the services given by Cascadai. They are more knowledgeable than other companies i have worked with and met at Amazon conferences. I will recommend them over and over again to anybody looking to be a better seller on Amazon.

    Thank you.

  • Amazon34

    Overall rating

    Absolutely Horrible Experience & Correspondence

    What an absolutely horrible experience to deal with Cascadia.

    I hired Cascadia a year ago to get verified into the Amazon EU / UK marketplace and I was quickly onboarded by their team to begin the process.

    After a few weeks of unsuccessful attempts to be verified by the team, any inquiries and emails I sent in to Cascadia would take weeks and weeks to reach anyone. I would literally email my contact multiple times and it would go unanswered for weeks on end. The only way to actually have any hope of reaching anyone would be to schedule a skype call and even then it was rare to speak to anyone. The large fee (larger than any other Amazon consultant) that they were happy to bill me for was out the door.

    I've finally had enough and decided to hire another reputable group of Amazon consultants who was able to get me selling on the Amazon EU / UK marketplace in about 2 weeks. (This was done at half the price also.)

    There are plenty of capable Amazon consultants out there that know what they're doing that actually care about their clients. At Cascadia, they're happy to take your money and look for the next group of Amazon sellers that ready to pay up.

    1. Reply from Cascadia Seller Solutions


      We really appreciate your feedback; this is definitely not the experience we want any of our clients to have with us. We are so sorry, and will work with our team to mitigate recurrences.

      If we understand you correctly, you're saying that this situation has not reached its natural end with us. If this is the case and you would prefer to continue this conversation through email, please reach out to us at

      We would be happy to offer a credit towards future services or discuss other potential options, as your experience is not the type we like to see. We are committed to resolving this as satisfactorily as possible!

  • Anonymous123

    Overall rating

    Not Good

    Went to Think Cascadia looking for some Amazon consulting services. After some initial discussions with one of their employees, a handful of their references, as well as a conference call with the owner, Rachel, we decided to proceed with 2 specific reports and then move forward with a more on-going service thereafter. Not only was their pricing very expensive, but the reports we received were not of high quality. To make matters worse, getting any reply from anyone was extremely difficult. Phone calls, emails, everything was ignored for days and days. One report in particular was promised to be completed in less than 2 weeks but did not end up being provided for over 3 months. When I confronted them about my concerns while asking for a partial refund, I was told that they are working on it and then I never heard back from anyone again despite my attempts to follow up with them. Very disappointed in this company.

    1. Reply from Cascadia Seller Solutions


      We really appreciate this feedback and are so sorry to learn that your experience was disappointing.

      Unfortunately, the perspective you’ve shared lacks valuable insight into the overall situation, such as our team providing several hours of subsequent consulting work free of charge due to the delay in providing the second report ordered; for that, we are truly sorry.

      In your letter demanding a partial refund, you also indicated that you wished to continue working with us. Although a comprehensive proposal was provided previously which laid out the full scope and expectations for which we were available based on your needs, the proposal was rejected and your follow-up ask/demands were not services we offered.

      In short, the bespoke services you require coupled with unrealistic deadlines would have to be provided by a dedicated consultant for which you would pay substantially more than our standard fees. Since we did not see this being the right fit between our companies, an email was sent indicating such and we considered the matter closed.

      We are committed to resolving this as satisfactorily as possible! If you would like to discuss this matter further, please do reach out to us at

  • Kara

    Overall rating

    Private Label Experts

    We retained Cascadia to help us bring our first private label goods to market. We are in the apparel industry and although we had an idea of which products we wanted to have made, we knew we needed hand holding with sourcing, developing specs, sampling, understanding how foreign factories operate, communicating with the factories, regulations, product testing, packaging, overseas shipping, customs, palletizing for Amazon once in port and the list goes on and on.

    Cascadia has assembled a team of experts that specialize in each of the areas I mentioned above. Although we had a project manager and a project management tool to keep everything on track we also interacted with each of the experts at various times throughout the process to make sure we understood what was going on and what the next steps were. Without the expertise of the Cascadia team., we would not have had the infrastructure or the bandwidth to get these products to market.

    The process was long and frustrating at times but Cascadia was very good at managing our expectations and explaining "how things work" in foreign factories. In the end it was extremely gratifying to hold the products in our very own hands and see the results of literally months of planning and hard work. We view Cascadia as an extension of our team and an essential component of our future growth.

    Rachel and many members of her team are ex-Amazon employees and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Amazon issues. This has been a huge benefit to us.

  • openmind

    Overall rating

    Be wary of their Sourcing Service

    Being a new product development business selling in Amazon, we sought help from Cascadia Seller solutions. Their impressive resume in many areas including product sourcing made us decide to check them out.

    Eventually we signed up to Cascadia's sourcing service and was assigned a sourcing agent. The agent was pleasant to work with but after having secured two active suppliers (and in the middle of negotiating for tooling costs),the agent declared that Cascadia's job is over since I have already direct contact with the 2 factories. From that point onwards we were literally left by ourselves to deal with the 2 factories. After making our final choice of which factory to work with, we then invested on a trial tooling mold, and waited for about 2 months for samples to be done. Eventually, the sales rep reports that the factory owner and engineer (that had approved prior submitted quote) says that factory can't anymore stand by it. At the end of the day we were left with a significantly higher cost per unit quote, wasted sourcing fee paid to Cascadia, cost of a trial mold and, much more costly, is opportunity lost for having delayed the launching of our product.

    Key Learnings with Cascadia Seller Soutions Sourcing service:

    1. We were given the impression that due to their extensive product development experience as former Amazon employees, they would have a stable of vetted factories in China (that they had prior dealing with) they can tap for their clients. In our case, this is not so, as we eventually found out that Cascadia never had prior dealings with the 2 factories that eventually submitted quotes. On hindsight, if Cascadia had an established relationship with the factories we dealt with, there could have been a higher chance that the miscommunication between owner, engineer and sales departments would have been avoided. If we were not let go by the assigned Cascadia sourcing agent prematurely in the sourcing process, we could have been guided into reaching a more favorable outcome with the factory.

    2. Even if we were very detailed in describing the product development requirement for our custom product, Cascadia have grossly underestimated the work that is required to do a proper sourcing. Had the project estimate been more accurate, the sourcing fee cost would have been different and expectations calibrated. If the sourcing requirement is too tedious then the fees quoted should have been proportionately higher - and we could have declined to accept it, (or Cascadia would have graciously declined to work with us).

    3. Costs: Cascadia is quick to upsell their other services that it gave us the impression that you are hurried into the product development process even if the current stage is still undone.

    At the end of the day, Cacadia's promise of extensive sourcing experience did not translate into getting us our custom product produced. Maybe Cascadia can help you in their other services but for us, their sourcing service is a let down. (FYI, we heard good reviews about Cascadia's Amazon suspension assistance and product compliance services. Seems to be their core competences.

    1. Reply from Cascadia Seller Solutions

      Hi @openmind,

      I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience with us. We’re normally known for our exceptional attention to detail and experience, and we regret that we missed the mark in your situation.

      My name is Rachel and I am the Managing Partner here at Cascadia. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact me at rachel.greer(at) Based on the date of the review, it sounds like you worked with us last year? Since then, we've added a team of five in China, as well as changed our onboarding process to only take on clients with private label goals or a working prototype, as certain projects require an experienced engineer on the team to be successful (which we don't have).

      Thank you for your honest feedback!

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