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Inventory listing software for consignment stores and retail shops for eBay, Amazon &

Consignment features include commission plans, consignor management, generate checks and pay consignees, and tracking through sales and productivity reports.

Retailers use CrossPostIt for bulk inventory imports, concurrent quantity synchronization across multiple market places, barcode generation, inventory, sales reports and more.

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Plans start at $30 per month.

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  • GunBroker
  • Authorize.Net
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  • Borat

    Overall rating

    So many bugs

    What were the positives?

    It makes managing consignor payments easy. Shipping settings are tuned.

    Any negatives?

    Everything else. Ebay/Amazon Fees on multiple quantity sales don't calculate correctly. I don't think the Amazon/eBay "actual fee" setting has ever worked. User has to jury rig solutions that are supposed to be functions of the software but flat-out don't work. Listing time is slower than actually listing on eBay/Amazon itself. Listing eBay items works relatively smoothly compared to CL and and Amazon. Moving and editing photos is clunky. Posting on Craigslist uses a RockIt module and queues your items for minutes at a time. It doesn't allow for the user to select specific community, and the user has to go in to the CL posting and fill in his/her name, phone number and contact methods.

    Listing on Amazon via SV isn't effective. Consignors aren't alerted to postings/sales via Amazon or Craigslist as they are with eBay. Lots of manual work the user has to do on top of what the software should do. Fees jump exponentially if you're a small seller. One month you list 75 items and pay $50, then you upload 150 listing in the next month or so and you're suddenly paying $200/month.

    Multiple Variation/Quantity item sales print off a new item number without a location, so user has to log in, find the master item number, and look at its location to find location of sales. Productivity reports don't work on multiple item sales until all items have sold.

    Listing templates are either stale, ugly, or both.

    A nice feature to add would be a label printing feature, so I don't have to pay a 3rd party to do that. I'd feel a little less bad about paying $150-$200 a month if I didn't have to pay $16 a month to use a shipping software. Wait...I pay $16 a month to use a comprehensive SQL based shipping software that saves me tons of time and effort and pay $200 to use a consignment software just so I don't have to manage consignor payments on a spreadsheet? Is something amiss here?

    I honestly don't think they have someone thoroughly QA'ing the software. It's a bit arrogant to say, but maybe Tampa isn't a good place to find software talent.


    Support was responsive, polite and quick. It's the only reason I'm giving out three stars and not two.

  • Reviewerguy

    Overall rating

    Terrible Software!

    I have been using this program for several months now and it is by far the worst system I have ever seen. Besides the fact that it constantly freezes, forcing me to reload the page every minute or so, there is no easy way to relist items on ebay. You have to go through several steps to make a copy of your listing in order to send them to your platform. And God forbid you should just want to change an item's price or from fixed price to auction. Those options will be greyed out until you click preview and then go back. The menu system is flukey and disorganized, I mean the whole thing is just glitchy as hell. Use Auctiva, use turbolister, use anything else other than Sellervantage because this system is just awful and I would give 0 stars if I could.

  • thegearattic

    Overall rating

    Watch out for empty promises.

    I used SV years ago and decided to give them a shot again as they appear to have upgraded the platform. My number one concern with a multi-channel platform is that my inventory sync so that we do not oversell on any given channel. I was made sure to emphasize this with SV and was assured that it would be a smooth onboarding process and we would be syncing within a day. 5 days later this was not even close to the case. None of my SKU's were imported, SV did not link my eBay and Amazon listings and now we are spending a Saturday having to do inventory counts to make sure we do not oversell.
    Had SV been honest we could have left our previous platform running until we had SV properly setup but based on their assurances that this would only take a day we let our other subscription expire.

    Common theme with many of these services is to promise everything to get your CC info then fall short leaving us fixing nasty inventory messes.

    I asked SV to cancel and refund me due to not keeping their promise and was told they will not refund me so now forced to take action with my CC company to force a refund for non delivery of services as promised.

  • Cyrus

    Overall rating

    AuctionSound WINS!

    I tried AuctionWagon, and demo'ed Liberty4 TA before picking AuctionSound! I've been using the software for a little over two weeks and what has impressed me the most is their staff. No ticketing systems, chat screens, or emails, but real live phone support. After Brett finished my demo his sales manager joined us on the call to see if I had any questions, and I was even introduced to my customer support representative.

    After a few more calls, I decided to sign up. I must have called them 5 times in the first week with questions about setting up my account and I always got through, and someone always answered my question. In fact, they even called me to see how things were going and tell me my account had been updated with their integrated DHL shipping which actually has better rates than what DHL quoted me over the phone.

    The software is very intuitive and offers a lot of time saving features. It seems as though it was built in a real world environment instead of a laboratory. Of course there are some features that I'd like to see incorporated, and other things that I'd do differently, but all in all, I'm really glad that I chose AuctionSound because of both the software and support.

    AuctionSound Wins!

  • DropOFF

    Overall rating

    Saves time - Still has some growth to be great

    I've used AuctionSound and does fall short on a few important things. Lack of accurate reporting of sales in the Report Page. (It DOES NOT total eBay fees from unsold items). They finally added sales tax in the Report Page which is good news. eBay Store support is weak, quantities, automated relisting is there but I can‘t seem to make it work. (which I believe they are working on. I hope they will add a way to tally inventory too and maybe an automatic reorder process!). I feel for PowerSeller below. The cost for AuctionSound is bit pricey and sometimes their updates can be a hassle. Overall it is a very solid service that will save you a lot of time.

  • PaulP

    Overall rating

    A dream come true for Australian Trading Assistants!

    An easy to use, stable and very well supported application providing everything the Australian Trading Assistant could ask for. Including the management of customers, auctions, inventory, payouts to clients and detailed reporting on income. All of this along with attentive, responsive customer service. Being a web-based solution also means that its works just fine on an Apple Mac. Congratulations Auctionsound - you provide a bargain service at any price.

    Improvements for the future? Integration with Auspost eParcel would be great. We would also like better shop management facilities from within Auctionsound. i.e. stock & inventory control along with the facility to send and track SCO's.

  • chatsworth online sales

    Overall rating

    This is awesome software

    Wow- whoever that power seller is below surely doesn't have a clue!

    This software is awesome !The staff is Amazing! They are always enhancing to make my life easier! The upgrades they do are on a perpetual wish list from their current customers and they take care of us!

    I am on 24/7 and have maybe had a 2 minute slowdown, because I was the only one on at the same time they were doing so. We have had a few laughs about that!

    The cost is so reasonable and is the cost of doing business and with this software (at one of the lowest prices on the market) I can tend to other issues instead of software issues. All my sellers get paid and my cash flow is determined by me!
    try using other software that you pay double the price and a PER FEE checkout charge...

    You can combine payments through ebay and it will show up on this software and all one has to do is put the packng slips together and ship it out together.

    If you want a smooth running business with the least aggravation - the AUCTION SOUND is the only software you will ever need!

  • drop2sellit

    Overall rating


    I put off hiring an employee once I found this fantastic software. They know and understand the business and know and understand customer service. There is nothing I cant do with this software and if I dream it up, they make it happen. It is ever upgrading and making my life easier. If you are looking for software - LOOK NO FURTHER! Feel free to call or email me for more info if you need it 386-341-5657 or [email protected]

  • powerseller

    Overall rating

    Great Software If....

    First of all you need to justify the cost. $150 a month may not sound like much but it adds up. In a year you have spent $1,800! If your are lucky enough to have a margin of say 30% you will have to have SOLD at least $5,800 of consignment goods. For software that you really don’t even own.

    I’ve used this company software for several months now. Has many glitches to even the basic steps for a Dropoff Store for an example they DO NOT support combined shipping for UPS or USPS! You have to do the combining yourself manually - what a waste of time. No real eBay Store support either - can’t even do quantity items. Support from one person - no manuals either.

    There is more but I think you got the point. Lately with their ’upgrades’ that shut down the system for more than an hour on a busy Monday was the last straw it put so many bugs in that the system didn‘t even work. Bye Auction Sound.

    Also keep in mind the this software is owned by a eBay franchise company - nice that you pay your competition and give them all the information if you market area is ready of another Dropoff Store. Hmmm.

  • Andy

    Overall rating

    Nicely designed and affordable solution for consignment sellers

    AuctionSound was under development for two years for the Online Outpost chain of drop-off stores before becoming a product in its own right. Software benefits from being used and fine-tuned in a real environment, and it shows in AuctionSound's clean design and simple work-flow.

    Front-of-store staff can quickly enter consignor and item details, creating a work queue for photography and eBay listing that can be processed at quieter times or by a separate team. Managers have access to separate sections for generating reports and configuring the system.

    Despite this apparent simplicity, AuctionSound has sophisticated features: it integrates with a number of carriers, exports data to QuickBooks, and can report on customers by ZIP code to help target advertising.

    AuctionSound is a well designed, rounded solution for trading assistants and drop-off stores. It doesn't try to excel at product line-based selling and this focus pays off with an uncluttered and thoughtful solution for its target audience.

    At only $150 per month for unlimited auctions, and $50 for a starter plan, AuctionSound is excellent value and deserves consideration.


    This review is based on an online demo of AuctionSound.

  • eCential Group LLC

    Overall rating

    Great meeting you guys!

    Hi Matt & Aaron:
    I can not say enough about Auctionsound and the team of folks that support it. We were an eBay dropoff store that was floundering from the software issues of our franchisor, and Auctionsound bailed us and others out. In less than an hour their support team had us up and running on our own template. The software took us from clients walking in the door, through the whole process, to cutting a check after the sale. It was amazingly simple. No book was necessary to get us up and running, and the support staff went out of there way to answer each and every question we had, as well as groom the program for our personal idiosyncrasies. Thanks again to the Auctionsound staff for a job well done!

    Karen & Gene

  • aaron

    Overall rating

    Finally!! A complete and most importantly an easy solution for my drop off store.

    I was excited to try this new software because it was web based. They said it was easy to use, but I didn't realize how easy it would be. The software allows me to database all of my customers and it has a quick search bar, so that I can find them in a flash. I'm able to check in stuff under each customer and it will also assign the ever important inventory number for each item. It has a quick lister and it offers unlimited picture hosting. It's linked directly to ebay so I always know how my auctions are doing. In fact with this software I never have to go to eBay’s web site. When items sell the software will automatically generate checks for my clients and I print them off when I'm ready. It also has great sales reports that will export to QuickBooks. This has truly made my Trading Assistant life a whole lot easier.

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