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Ecomdash is a web-based tool that automatically syncs ecommerce data across multiple sales channels, suppliers, warehouses, vendors, partners, marketplaces, websites, dropshipping services and more.

Features include automatic inventory sync, shipping, orders and purchasing management across channels. Includes a product list-for-sale tool. Inventory app supports kitting and bundling, built products for manufacturing, catalog sync, dropshipping automation and FTP integrations.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada


Pricing & Trial

Starts at $60 per month for up to 100 orders per month.

Trial Length: 15 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All eBay Websites
  • Bonanza
  • Etsy
  • Groupon
  • GunBroker
  • Houzz
  • Jet
  • Newegg
  • Marketplace
  • Deliverr
  • DHL
  • Endicia
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • Pitney Bowes
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Google Shopping
  • MailChimp
  • 3dcart
  • Amazon webstore
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Vend
  • WooCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • QuickBooks
  • Xero

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17 Reviews

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  • My office snacks LLC

    Overall rating


    Ecomdash is a great product!

    I have a great experience with this product.
    I don't need to worry about manually creating orders now.
    Everything is integrated and works seamlessly for my business.
    Listing creation is automated now and I can create listing in Ecomdash only instead of creating them in multiple marketplaces.
    Once published they are created in marketplaces that I select.
    Also, ordering placement and order shipment is done automatically, so it saves me a lot of time.
    Lastly, once order is shipped the system updates any integrated marketplace with the shipping information, so clients can get updated info about when to expect their order.
    Great product overall ??

  • Jax Music Supply

    Overall rating


    Great Service - poor instructions - overall a good solution

    We've been using Ecomdash since late July. Pretty much fully used since mid-August. We do not use all the features they offer though. We primarily use them for inventory control - which is what they do best.

    Best features:
    1. Inventory control. Using their system has radically reduced our backorders/missing items rate. Huge plus for us.

    2. Listing tools. Can create listings from inventory section. Set profiles, shipping policy, etc. Makes listing on multiple marketplaces very fast.

    3. Service. They are very responsive to emails. They do offer phone calls but I prefer to have stuff in writing. They always respond within a couple of hours. They are also open to suggestion to improve their service.

    4. Data exchanges. Very easy to download information or upload information.

    5. Application API. Allows you (or your programmer) to interact using standard tools. This is especially helpful for unsupported marketplaces.

    6. Cost. Relatively inexpensive for the features offered.

    7. Drop Shipping. Very flexible in retrieving drop shipping inventory and maintaining inventory levels for these items. Not our primary model but is very helpful.

    8. Product Bundling (Kits). This works great in their system and is helping grow our business!

    Worst Features:

    1. Instructions/Tutorials. I found many of the instructions and tutorials less than helpful. Having been in e-commerce for over 11 years now, I was able work through them on my own, along with some help with their team.

    2. Warehouse concept. Very difficult to manage correctly. Warehouses are their own entities within the system. Would be easier if you could assign a SKU to warehouse - one, the other, or both, rather than auto assigned if SKU is in warehouse.

    3. Shipping. Doesn't support international mail consolidators. So this is a useless feature. We kept our old shipping software for now. Not a huge deal and admittedly are an inventory tool more than a shipping company.

    4. Occasional bugs or functionality that doesn't work as intended.

    Other features but not used yet:
    --Purchase Orders/Restocking
    --Accounting integration (haven't looked at it)
    --Built in order management
    --Built in reports

    Overall this is an excellent system. Handles our 3000+ SKUS without issue. I do think it is easier if you are experienced and have an IT background, but not eveyone can be there. Highly recommended for functionality and price/value.

  • Pegasusbrands

    Overall rating


    Very Good Multi-channel application

    Ecomdash is a very good multi-channel inventory application for the price.

    The Ecomdash team seems to regularly make improvements to the application, and their support is very responsive (tickets are usually replied to the same day).

    As for all applications there's plenty room for improvement (better error handling is a listing fails to sync, etc).

    Our big request is related to sales reports, where we can include our mutli-channel seller fees into the sales/profit reports.

    Overall Ecomdash is a very good application.


  • crimescene

    Overall rating


    Best Option

    I did plenty of research before ending up at emcomdash. I dont think there are better options.

    I needed to track inventory among many marketplaces. EXAMPLE: It was getting cumbersome to manually update quantities on hand at amazon and it wasn't helping us grow.

    Ive got ecomdash integrated with quickbooks, shipstation woocommerce, google shopping actions and amazon. I'll be adding jet and Walmart integrations soon.

    What I like best of all is the responsiveness to support questions. They've been great in helping me do setup the right way.

  • Gary DeGregorio

    Overall rating


    Fast, responsive and effective support!!!

    Any negatives?

    Not that I can think of!


    Their accessibility is amazing. You can sign up for a 15 minute call time, usually within only a few hours from the time you realize you have a question or issue.

    The support was excellent. The person who calls you to discuss your issue or question is professional and very knowledgeable. I was able to get my issue resolved and had time to learn how to do something that I didn't realize was even possible. Very helpful!!! :):

  • Suzi

    Overall rating


    Great product combined with great support = great experience

    The features of ecomdash are the features I needed to integrate with Walmart selling platform and Deliverr fulfillment.

    Deliverr passes inventory information to ecomdash. ecomdash forwards information to selling site (Walmart, Amazon, ebay, Shopify, etc) Orders from selling sites pass to ecomdash, and ecomdash forwards the order information to Deliverr for fulfillment. Deliverr passes tracking information to ecomdash, where I can see all of the activity on a dashboard regarding my multi-channel selling.

    ecomdash has been there from the beginning to successful integration. They conveniently offer 15 min free consulting appointments, where a knowledgable support technician helps over the hurdles.

    Highly recommend.

  • josh614

    Overall rating


    Highly Recommended Software

    What were the positives?

    Very affordable and great customer service. The software works like a charm. They are always upgrading the software to make it better. This is a very good company!

    Any negatives?

    They have addressed any of the pain points i have had


    The support is outstanding. Usually get responses in a few hours. I'm not an easy person to deal with at time but they always work with me. Very caring and professional all the time

  • wainicholas10

    Overall rating


    Amazing Customer Service

    At Ecomdash , everyone is curious to help the customer whenever you call upon them. Furthermore, my assigned product specialist is very helpful. He goes extra mile to reach out to suppliers just to earn customer satisfaction. He currently engaged my supplier regarding the integration process. Despite the supplier slow pace to respond, the assigned product specialist , Ben Rorick has been very patient in trying to get some kind of information regarding the integration process. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Ecomdash to friends and families who are thinking about ecommerce.

  • synergyowner

    Overall rating


    Many promises, few actually fulfilled

    eComDash is big on promises and touting their new partnerships and integrations. It is not until you dive in head-first that you realize that there are so many issues that they don't tell you about up-front, that you realize most of these integrations are really not ready for prime-time. We are extremely disappointed with eComDash. In fact, we have had to close several online stores because of the ongoing issues. Their tech support "tries" but most of the time they blame the online stores for the problems that should have been worked out before they advertised the partnership. I find myself babysitting our integrations all day long because there are so many what's the point in even using their service?

  • Volkanska

    Overall rating


    Free trial is a bait

    What were the positives?

    Didn’t use much.

    Any negatives?

    Customer support must be better.


    Support was really bad. After a trial period, which i used only a few times, they have started to charge me abd I only realized it after several months. They have never given me a notice about it. And when I realized it, they refuses to refund even though they saw I didn’t use it. Very bad customer support. They say that they have regulations and policies, however that’s just to get money from customers as I feel.

  • Dustan D

    Overall rating


    So far so amazing

    Has worked nearly flawlessly was easy to transition to and easy to manage our orders and inventory. Handles having different skus for each warehouse well and updates fast and accurate.

    There are a few annoyances such as not being able to mark a feed as set qty to 0 if feed is missing that sku. As well as the orders views are missing some functions depending on the page you are on. As I said minor annoyance

    The positive of even the issue is the support they are quick and will admit their issues and fix them.

  • juliehmkim

    Overall rating


    Ecomdash Recommendation

    For businesses that are looking to simplify their eCommerce and inventory management operations, Ecomdash provides robust but simple tools to help centralize sales operations and maintain control over inventory in real time. Ecomdash integrates with many online sales channels, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, and coordinates real time inventory levels across all these channels to make business life easier and simplify operations for the online seller.

    Because Ecomdash can help you keep track of inventory from a centralized location, you will be able to streamline your operations by eliminating the tedious work of inventory management for each separate channel in which a product is sold. When a new product is released, you and your business can instantly add your product to one of the channels, import on Ecomdash, and the product will become available to manage.

    Ecomdash also helps you stay on top of what’s going on by providing powerful analytics and reporting tools that help you to make better decisions, stay ahead of purchasing trends, and see the big picture. Ecomdash works well for the solo entrepreneur who’s looking for tools to help with operations.

    We started using Ecomdash to manage and operate our online retail storefronts on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify. Ecomdash has saved us tremendous amount of time and has streamlined our business in every aspect. We now have greater control over our stock levels and access to a wide range of reports which are helpful in the day to day running of the business, but also for future forecasting. Furthermore, we have not had a problem receiving support. Their support team guided us through the setup process and has answered all of our questions (basic or complicated) quickly and in good detail. I would recommend this application to anyone in need of a good inventory management program.

  • mlundp

    Overall rating


    Nice but far from Perfect

    It’s not easy to setup. In order to add all the market place attributes you need to create import CSV files that you can import to ecomdash unless you are willing to type it in manually, or you can download them from the marketplaces.

    It will list new products to the storefront. However, if you already have listings on the marketplaces you can import some of the attribute data by importing or downloading as they call it. Then you can work with the data and update it in ecomdash. But sadly you are not able to update active listings from ecomdash which makes it hard to work with.

    In order to delete an item you first must manually delete it on ALL the marketplaces before you delete the item in ecomdash.

    In order to keep data current, especially the quantities, you must download from the marketplaces frequently. But this process will not only update the quantities but also overwrite you attribute data from the marketplace to ecomdash.

  • maryanne

    Overall rating


    Could not live without them

    We've used Ecomdash for two years and depend on them for effective and smooth logistics. They make multi-channel selling efficient. The reporting is essential to every day decisions. They are without a doubt the best thing we have done for our business.
    MaryAnne Gucciardi
    Dragonwing girlgear

  • dgbcarolinas

    Overall rating


    Super Folks to Work With

    We have been using this program for 6 months and have nothing but praise for the staff. Suggestions are implemented, any issues that crop up are quickly dealt with and this company actually has folks that answer the phone. After a long 2 year run with trying to find the right software to use across platforms, we found Ecomdash and could not be happier! I would recommend this software to anyone who needs a robust system that does what it says it will do.

  • susie263

    Overall rating


    Outstanding software! An absolute Godsend!!!

    ecomdash packs in SO much of what I need to help run my small business. I thank God that I found it when I did. It helps me with sending my dropship orders to the right vendors, with emailing thank you notes to my customers, with updating inventory so I don't oversell, and then some! All in a magical little package that I can actually afford! I searched and searched for something that could do what ecomdash could, and anything else I found that came close was far out of my price-range with "used car salespersons" who would talk my ear off but never be anything I could justify paying so much for.

    I had a terrible employee quit on me just before the holidays, and ecomdash really helped take a huge load off of my shoulders while I had to take on a larger workload. I recommend it to anyone! It does so much for me, I cannot begin to say how much I love it!

    Their staff has always been VERY fast to help address any problems or new feature requests I've come up with (and trust me, I've bugged them a lot)! There have been so many wonderful additions to what their software can do since I started using them mid-2014. I only wish I found them sooner! Very happy, long-term customer right here!

  • vgtradernj

    Overall rating


    eComDash.... Finally what I have been looking for!

    We have been using eComDash since September 2013 and have been extremely happy with the customer service and rate of new/updated features.

    I spent about a year trying to find a service that would allow us to sell in our retail store, Amazon, eBay and our own website and sync inventory across all platforms. Each time I thought I found a provider that could meet those needs there was a problem. Either the price was unjustifiably high or there was just one feature they didn't provide that I needed.

    Then I found eComDash. Since the start the entire team has been extremely supportive and very responsive. They are quick to fix any issues and are happy to discuss new features that I have requested... many of which have already been implemented or are in the works.

    When I first started with eComDash I was only selling in our retail store and Amazon. Now I have added eBay and to the mix and will be adding our Website shortly. Within 2 months after starting with eComDash, our eBay sales increased over $5,000 per month.

    eComDash has been a welcome addition to our business. If you are looking for a way to sync inventory between multiple platforms, check them out.

    1. Reply from ecomdash


      Good info and comparisons between Ecomdash, SureDone & Stitchlabs. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge! I'm glad you gave ecomdash a "look over" and had us on your short list of potential inventory, sales order, shipping and listing software providers. You're right, we are pretty focused on the inventory-related components of our offering and making that piece of our software very robust for more complex inventory needs and ease of data transfer between multiple suppliers, warehouses, vendors, fulfillment centers, other partners and sales channels.

      I did want to clarify a couple of things for others who may be evaluating ecomdash as an option...

      Ecomdash does have a listing feature and list-for-sale functionality (it's StitchLabs that doesn't have a listing feature). Since we first released the eBay and Amazon listing functionality in the spring of 2014, it's really come a long way with continued enhancements and new features. By July 2015 "ecomlister" will be available for all marketplaces and e-website platforms we are currently integrated with. We're pretty excited to roll that out this year. Again, you're right though...if "listing" is the most important aspect of what you're looking for - or the only function you need, then we may not be a fit. Ecomlister "comes with" ecomdash as a free add-on today. We intended it to be a "more bang for your buck" scenario for sellers who may be adding product on a regular basis or want to quickly test out selling on a new channel.
      Ecomdash is fully integrated with Bigcommerce.
      Ecomdash is integrated with Vend POS and Shopify POS. Plus, any other POS system that has the capability of automation from its end, can be automated using our FTP auto-sync capabilities - also a free add-on.
      Just want to clarify for other readers/viewers...when Invworld writes about the reporting features being a "major drawback, falls short, and designed by an ", Invworld is talking about Stitchlabs, not ecomdash's reporting tools and reporting assistance.
      That's correct, we do not currently have an open API for all to use today. We do have an automated FTP solution for any system that wants/needs to share data back and forth with ecomdash.

      Great, smart comments here from everyone - thanks again for sharing your experience. We are always looking to our customers for ways to improve, enhance and innovate to make your lives a little easier and better each day. We love to hear from you - wish lists encouraged - drop us a note.

      Laura Greeno

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