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Essential Daily Deals sends five emails a week, each containing a minimum of 10 online arbitrage deals.

Each individual deal is reviewed and vetted by Seller Essentials, and has a minimum 40% ROI and $5 profit per item. Products are ranked in the top 1%-2% of each category, and only products from ungated categories are covered. Information on offer coupons and shipping discounts is also included. Membership limited to 100 subscribers.

  • United States

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$199 per month

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  • bryanwolf91

    Overall rating

    Very Pleased

    I decided about two months ago to give it a shot. I have absolutely gotten my moneys worth and more. It's helped me push forward with my goal to sell more new, problem free product and not rely on used, potential issue causing items.

  • nstanford

    Overall rating

    Awesome legit list.

    🙂 I am very happy to find a list I can feel comfortable paying for. .. some others I wish I had never paid for. Thanks for their great lists.

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