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ExigoSource provides information on profitable arbitrage deals, for products that can be sold on Amazon without category or brand restrictions.

ExigoSource uses proprietary software and trained staff to compare pricing on millions of products and find profitable deals.

A limited number of sellers are accepted on the platform, and no more than ten members are shown the same deals.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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$99 per month.

Trial Length: 3 days

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    It is don't work

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    I payed $99 to start searching product and they gave me only 10 very bad listing. After a 2-3 days I did not get any products. I wrote to them in support and email and nobody answer me.
    And the most wird that they tried to get from my credit card more $99.
    Looks like they don't work from 2019


    Don't like

  • habibahhaugstad

    Overall rating

    I highly recommend Exigosource for Online Arbitrage

    I wanted to try Exigosource after hearing high recommendations of product sourcing support and great customer service. I was placed on the waiting list because they are highly customer-focused and don't have a large number of clients that they offer the same product information to, which I really appreciate. A couple of weeks later I got an email saying that I was approved and I could try out the 3 day free trial and then go into the paid monthly subscription. I was pleasantly surprised to see that products only go to 10 customers so there's not huge competition for the same inventory. My goal was to find a product sourcing company to help identify products that I could use as templates for private labeling. Unfortunately for me, Exigosource's model is retail and online arbitrage.

    Austin was super nice and quickly refunded my money after the trial period was over and he even offered to extend the trial period if I needed more time to review their services. He also went above and beyond to offer to send me a contact who is successfully private labeling products, who could give me tip and same guidance as I start this adventure. That was very nice.

    The Exigosource platform is also very nice. It has a clean design and is user-friendly. You can be customized it to show the information you think relevant. They also have guides in the Resource tab to help you get set up. I loved the Add-ons material that give you different chrome extensions that help make looking for products easier.

    I would definitely recommend them if you are doing online or retail arbitrage.

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