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ExportYourStore is a multichannel inventory synchronization tool for eBay sellers. It enables sellers to cross-list eBay items onto other online marketplaces, then automatically keep those listings in sync with eBay.

Sellers can choose to list manually or automatically, and customize their own syncing rules. Syncing options include quantity, price, number sold and listing information.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Worldwide
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Pricing & Trial

From $59 per month to export and sync with Amazon.
From $29 per month to export and sync with Shopify.
From $24 per month to export and sync with Etsy.

Trial Length: 10 listings for free within 7 days of signing up

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • eBid
  • Etsy
  • Shopify

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