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FeedbackTuner provides an all-inclusive platform for Amazon sellers to create, manage, and optimize automated email campaigns. Built-in analytics in a user-friendly dashboard allow sellers to track the data behind seller feedback statistics. Customizable parameters allow users to personalize pre-made templates and translated messages for international marketplaces.

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Free limited plan available. Paid plans from $9.99 to $149.99 per month.

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • Montreal

    Overall rating

    bad support

    Useless support. Wasted of money, should have went with other review service.
    I tried to send an eBook to customer via feedback tuner and the pdf file went from 1.8mb to 70 kb, it seem to autocompressed when sent by feedback Tuner which in turn can't be open, asked seller support for help, received a message telling me to send them the pdf file for them to check then nothing, no answers for 2 days. Asking them what happened and no respond at all after that. Will cancel my subscription. The only saving grace is the free 150 email per month.
    Communicate with your customer if you want to be sucessful in business.

  • ScottWalter

    Overall rating


    Worked out really well, we saw an increase of 2X, 172 product reviews per 28 day period after using this product. And the price is much better.

    The support is really excellent and we've been using them for about 2.5 months now. We looked at three different services before deciding on FeebackTurner but decided their interface is superior, the support is better, the price is less and they have some nice templates as well as multiple special options like the ability to exclude, include or target only those people who have previously left positive feedback.

  • ozw

    Overall rating

    I wish I would have heard of this earlier!

    The thing I have the least is time. FeedbackTuner really came around and helped me with it's automation.
    Since I started using it I've managed to get more positive reviews and it freed up so much of my time and can tend to things I never could have before using it.
    It even gave me free templates to base my emails on that did a great job.
    It was a breeze setting up.
    I wan't sure if such a tool would help me, but I saw their 30 days free trial so I thought "why not?", I wasn't risking anything.
    I'm so happy I decided to give this a try, now I know how smart that decision was and how much it helped me.
    I strongly suggest any Amazon seller who wants to get more positive reviews to use this.

  • Professional Amazon Seller

    Overall rating

    A Great Resouce For Amazon Sellers!

    We're a top rated, award winning Amazon professional seller, and were looking for a new platform that is cost effective, and responsive to the changing needs of Amazon sellers.

    We have communicated with the staff at Feedback Tuner about the needs of sellers and have found Feedback Tuner to be exceptionally responsive to our suggested changes.

    Like Feedback Genius, but less expensive, their platform has been geared towards seller feedback, but also offers Product Review tools. They are currently working on plans to improve Product Review monitoring in addition to seller feedback.

    They're also planning many new features to make their platform even more beneficial to Amazon sellers.

    This is a company that offers a very cost effective solution for Product Reviews and seller feedback and will be adding other important seller tools you'll want to take advantage of.

    We suggest you contact their excellent Customer Support Department for any questions or comments you have about their service. They are very responsive and unusually open to improvements to their platform to help Amazon sellers.

    This is an Amazon resource you should really consider in addition to other tools you're using.

    Lyle W. Place II
    Natural Brands Companies

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