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FeedbackWhiz automates communication to Amazon customers using customized buyer-seller messaging emails or Amazon’s Request a Review button.

Sellers can set up scheduled campaigns based on triggers such as refunds, shipment, delivery, feedback, and repeat buyers to maximize review conversion. They can monitor, manage and get alerts on reviews and listings changes for products so they can quickly respond to negative reviews or critical events such as hijackers, buy-box loss and listing issues.

FeedbackWhiz measures and tracks profits for all Amazon selling metrics. It can aggregate financial data into customized product groupings to compare categories, brands, types, and marketplaces. Sellers can create notes, custom labels, filter, and download data to save time and increase productivity.

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Free limited plan available. Paid plans cost from $19.99 to $139.99 per month.

Product Monitoring - from $5 per month.

Trial Length: 30 days
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  • ward

    Overall rating

    Hands Down...the best feedback software!!

    Ive been using Feedback Whiz for just about a year now and is very impressed by its functions. The best thing about Feedback Whiz is that they do not charge you for the amount of emails.

    The templates and email sequences are easy to setup and it gives you daily email reports of returns and feedback/product reviews received.

    The best part that I love about this software is that we're able to insert gifs and emojis in the email subject line to grab the attention of the customer. This is one of the best investments that I've made in my amazon business!!

  • 5BC

    Overall rating

    Awesome program

    I have used feedback genius + feedback 5 over the last two years and haven't been impressed with either, but I thought they were the leaders in the industry so we continued to use them. After seeing a feedback whiz demo, we have made the switch and will never look back! The analytics and reporting is superior to any other program i've seen. Even if you don't use any email campaigns- its worth it just for the reporting/analytics! And the best part- its cheaper than feedback 5 and feedback genius, and all pricing options offer unlimited messaging. Say goodbye to the extra $10 "bundle" of messages every month that other programs hit sellers with.

  • Omar28

    Overall rating


    The things I like the most about this software that I haven’t found on any of those I’ve tested:
    - A/B testing: gives you insight about which campaign leads to higher open rates. Definitely the best feature!
    - Analytics(open rate, number of emails sent...
    - advanced HTML customizations if you don’t want to send classic text
    - Sales tracking: yet another included(free) tool while other services charge for it
    - They are totally compliant with Amazon ToS: recently, they’ve removed a great feature(review/order matching) just after Amazon updated their policy. If you find this feature elsewhere and use it then you’re risking your account.
    - starting at a very reasonable price($15/month)

  • AmazonSelling

    Overall rating

    the best email service for Amazon Sellers

    I have tried lots of different follow-up email services, but none of them offer the level of control and flexibility of FeedbackWhiz.

    Many other types of amazon seller software try to do too many different things, and as a result, they are good at a lot, but not great at anything.

    Feedbackwhiz focuses on one thing: Sending emails to amazon customers. It's because of that laser focus, they have built a best in class piece of software.

    I would have no hesitation recommending Feedbackwhiz to friends.

  • R.BDT

    Overall rating

    Best Amazon Product Review Tool

    What were the positives?

    I was able to increase quickly my product reviews which in turn made me more money and moved my product up the results page on amazon. This happened for multiple products I have.

    Any negatives?

    More templates but I think they are releasing more soon. Depending on when you read this they might have already released more.


    The support was great they respond quickly and I noticed they have detailed how to videos on their youtube channel.

  • imchris

    Overall rating

    Don't even waste your time with anything else but this!

    I've tried other email software out there like Feedback Genius, AMZ Mailer, Zon Pages, and nothing really compares to Feedback Whiz. They provide full customization of the email - everything from what time the email gets sent, after how many days after its been shipped or delivered, what ASIN it's applicable to, including email attachments like photos and PDFs. The possibilities are truly endless.

    I'm able to create custom emails for each of my PL products so it's completely tailored to my customer. This increase my email open conversion rates and MOST importantly, my review rate.

    The best part of the software is the easy to use interface. It really makes the entire process so smooth. Plus, you have all the data from your campaigns at your fingertips. This makes it really easy to do some A/B split testing and constantly optimizing your emails.

    Like I said, don't even bother trying any other software, it won't give you the full customization, data, and easy of use that Feedback Whiz is able to provide.

    Keep up the great work Feedback Whiz!

  • Megz

    Overall rating

    Best tool by far!

    What were the positives?

    I highly enjoyed feedback whiz! All its extra features and being able to get an overview of how my account's progress is all in one page was what won me over. I was able to see which product made the most sales, how many emails were being sent out and the reviews for each product. I especially loved that I was able to see which customers were returning customers and the extra symbols next to each customer indicating the status of their order. I think the pricing is on point and you actually get more for your buck. Feedback Whiz is one of the most awesome app I've seen for Amazon sellers! Customer service was excellent too!

    Any negatives?

    I have no complaints!


    They were always very helpful and answered any of my questions in a very quick timely manner.

  • BFoley

    Overall rating

    Great software & excellent customer service

    Love how easy it is to setup emails and campaigns. Interface is clean, nice, and covers everything I need to setup automated emails. The product review manager is the best, now I can see all my reviews come in and get notifications. Buyer-review matching feature is worth every penny.

    Would be awesome if Feedbackwhiz adds some more tools that covers listing and keywords.

    Excellent support, response time was very fast when I had questions and they were very helpful and friendly on helping me get started.

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