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Easy to use image editor that is preset to create images of the right size for eBay auctions and gallery. Also includes photo enhancement filters and FTP transfer.

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$39.95 license fee

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • eddie12

    Overall rating

    Easy to use

    This is a nice and easy to use program. I've noticed its the small things than can count w.r.t pictures, and this program helps. although i could do it in other editors, this one is really useful on the 'use it' area. For example FTP, HTML or normal saving..

  • terake10701

    Overall rating

    Review of FotoKiss

    This is the best photo software out. period. the support team is excellent. worth every dime.

  • Andy

    Overall rating

    Well thought out photo editor for eBay auctions

    FotoKiss has a good balance between features and ease of use. It crashed once when I tried it but the problem hasn't recurred. Worth a try.

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