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Globegistics is a USPS International Parcel Consolidator offering discounted international shipping rates.

USPS Priority Mail International (PMI) and tracked ePacket services are also available. Globegistics is suitable for sellers shipping at least 15 packages per day or 50 per week.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United States

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  • Seller Cloud
  • Teapplix
  • Endicia
  • ShipStation
  • ShipWorks

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  • Porkchop

    Overall rating


    Could be good, but isn't.

    Services are changed or discontinued and they don't communicate it to their customers. The latest is DDU service, which I've used for years. Then a few months ago, I received a bill for duties. I showed Globegistics via a screenshot that we shipped it DDU and was credited. No mention of the service being discontinued. Then two days ago, I get another duties bill for a DDU package and questioned it, and was then credited. Then I get a condescending email from the sales rep telling me that they've graciously credited me for the duties, but that non-USPS DDU doesn't exist anymore. This was literally the first time this information was communicated to me.. AND the service is still available in Shipstation for their company.

    If you contact customer service, they will do what you can do - which is look up tracking and parrot back what it says. If you have a problem with a package, you're on your own. I had an issue where a package showed in a UK post office and my customer walked several miles to that post office to pick it up, but the package could not be found. I contacted Globegistics customer service and they just told me tracking says it's there. They wouldn't contact the post office directly or do anything to help me or my customer. I expressed my displeasure in an email (sternly worded, but not profane) and ended up a couple weeks later with my time wasted on a phone call with an upper level manager who after 20 minutes of pointlessness tells me that I can't "yell" at their employees. I could only laugh. I had never talked to any of them on the phone. I asked if he understood he was talking about an email - he did not. I told him to review the emails and then get back to me once he actually knows what is going on. I have never heard back from him.

    This *could* be a great company and a great service - but with poor communication and unmotivated customer service employees, it's only tolerable.

  • Jax Music Supply

    Overall rating


    This service is saving me at least $2000 per month!

    I LOVE this service. 40% of my business is outside of the US. Even though most of our items we sell are small and ship First Class International (relatively low value), shipping costs were eating us alive. It saves big money AND you get great service. Their process integrates with Shipworks and ShipStation (I've been trying ShipStation for certain issues). It does require Endicia Professional, which is a bit more expensive than regular Endicia but the costs are more than offset by the savings. The folks at Globegistics walked me through set up and a brief training session on the phone, and then off you go.

    They arranged for shipping to their facility (I use FedEx but I think they do UPS also) and pay for it to boot. The way it works is you ship using your normal process and then batch ship the Globegistics items to be sent to their mail processing facility. This adds about 30 minutes week for me. For items that I normally would use First Class Mail International Package Service, Globegistics uses International Priority Airmail. Generally, I've found this to be a bit faster than regular USPS service - especially to Europe and Canada. I would also so I've had less issue with lost items but I don't have a true measure on this. If you ship a lot of international from the U.S. you owe it to yourself to check out this service.

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