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GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping tool which allows online sellers to create invoices, track sales and produce reports on demand.

PlatformSaaS (Cloud Web App)
eBay Embedded App
Customers SupportedUnited States

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Packages range from $4.99 to $14.99 per month.

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Alternative MarketplacesEtsy
Carts, Payment & POSPayPal

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2011-03-04 14:45:09

Good summary of seller and paypal fees

What where the positives?


Any negatives?



This eBay seller application is great for automatically recording PayPal and eBay fees, and anything else that gets done directly through eBay - such as payments and shipping - and records them for you permanently. You can add additional income and expenses, creating your own categories, for things it does not automatically record. Simple, straightforward and user friendly - it does not use the standard accounting procedures of credit and debit. Instead it just records everything in laymens terms - Money In & Money Out. You cannot export this information. You can add a bank account - not linked - if the site knows about the bank you're using already. You can create Profit & Loss, Types if Income, Best Customers, Biggest Vendors and Your Spending Reports. The Profit & Loss report can pass as the standard accounting report. Outright automatically estimates your taxes.

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