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JoeLister cross-lists FBA merchandise onto eBay and Shopify, increasing sales.

Just click "list" on your FBA items, and Joe automatically creates an eBay/Shopify listing. When an item sells, Joe automatically creates a fulfillment order with Amazon, and uploads the tracking information to the order.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

Pricing & Trial

From $29 per month to $499 per month.

Trial Length: 2 weeks

Integrations & Compatibility

  • FBA
  • Shopify

From Zinc Technologies

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  • Abe Josowitz

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    WAS a happy customer BUT NOW extremely disappointed

    What were the positives?

    Ease of use

    Any negatives?

    Experiencing a real tech issue and the support a. is not really bothering to find a fix and b. they are basically ignoring us.


    Either they think they are too big or they just dont really know how to fix a this issue which is pretty sad for a "tech" company.

  • Miles Wallic

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Joe lister is great when it works

    What were the positives?

    easy to use and great price

    Any negatives?

    customer service


    Customer service is practically no existent.. they never staff the customer support during the hours they say that they are open. this service may be great for a hobby seller but if you are a professional seller you will need another service. I have been down for over 48 hours and sent 8 emails. only got one response that was useless ( they said that they did not see a poblem )

  • JHS

    Overall rating

    It's the only program of it's kind out there, so we use it

    What were the positives?

    It is the only program, at a reasonable price, that pulls all of your Amazon listing information to ebay. It is able to pull you title,description,pricing and inventory in one fell swoop. It also gives you a place to see what you will be grossing compared to Amazon gross/product. We haven't been able to find a reasonably priced online service that offers everything Joelister offers for mirroring and placement of products on ebay.

    Any negatives?

    Unfortunately, there are a LOT of glitches. They don't pull reports from Amazon everyday,and with pricing fluctuating all the time, ebay prices lag behind. Also, when they do an updated report, a lot of times the pricing is wrong from what is live on Amazon, their math formulas are incorrect, the Amazon Fees are incorrect,pictures may pull from old reports. These glitches seem to get fixed after waiting a few days and updating, but it may be after a few updates. I have emailed with customer service quite a few times, and they don't seem to understand the more involved issues. My inquiries were sent up the tech chain of command, and they really don't resolution to these issues yet. I end up having to do math in my head,manually updating incorrect fees captured, and waiting it out until the next update hopefully fixes it.


    Basic customer service is unable to answer more involved technical issues on what/when/where they get info from Amazon, and how to correct incorrect info. They give a standard answer a few times before being forwarded to an escalated case.Tech support is unable to fix some issues. They do try to answer,though, and are very pleasant.

  • john gammel

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    It allows us to have like inventory on two platforms and creates Ebay listing

    Any negatives?

    Your inventory update formula can cause us to oversell.

    Your formula could be right or wrong with the parameters you use. It would be accurate if inventory qty was checked then reduced vs checking it one every 6 hours and storing that number and reducing the stored number.

    A work around we implemented is, enter Ebay and Amazon orders each hour then update inventory each hour. We have been testing this for a few weeks and it has reduced our oversell.

    Still there is a risk of having our inventory wrong for up to an hour when Joelister updates Amazon with a number that is not current.

    There are many more items we would list if we could choose a qty to list of more than 1 for select items.


    A call center would help, live chat would be an upgrade from email. Email works but response of a day or so is not very speedy.

  • PierreTan99

    Overall rating

    The simplest and most affordable Tool on earth!

    The tool is not just about simplicity, their customer support always around to reply you!

    The only issue is you cannot connect multiple FBA or ebay account, But I believe it is the reason why the tool work so smooth, because not required too much programing that make the tool slow down.

    Give and take, Overall It is a good enough tool for my team to manage and easy avoid error.

    **Tried many expensive tool out there, prefer simplicity.

    Thank you Joelister! Hope to see more tools provide by joelister!

  • bassinetsandcradles

    Overall rating

    Joe Lister is Great!!!!

    Joe lister makes selling on eBay easy!! They link your Amazon and eBay accounts opening a whole new market place for you without much work on your part. Their customer service is extremely helpful in getting you started and once you link your two accounts it's quite simple to keep adding new items. I tried adding items directly onto eBay without Joe Lister it probably took me double the time it took me on Joe Lister. One of my favourite parts about Joe Lister is that once you link your FBA items to your eBay account you can watch the sales come in and you don't have to do a thing :D! What a great way to make money! Highly recommended! A+++

  • eryksd

    Overall rating

    Bottom line, helped me boost my sales!

    What were the positives?

    Took me just like 1 hour or so to setup, and I was selling my 60+ SKUs on eBay. A few extra hundred bucks really helps, it's nice to have.

    It's nice to see more revenue coming in, I wish I would have done it sooner. Everything is automatic, so I don't really have to do anything, except for answer customer emails every once in a while, so I do have to login and deal with that sometimes, that's the only downside.

    Any negatives?

    Link to more marketplaces! Walmart?


    Support was good, they would usually reply within 1 or 2 days, and were very helpful.

  • lg.ramirez.g

    Overall rating

    JOE Lister is Simply AMAZING

    ABSOLUTELY.., is so easy to use that even I can do it ;), I used to be an eBay seller but I did not like the fact that I had to write the descriptions. Thanks to Joe Lister, I Am BACK on eBay and making money, the listings created by JL are simply astonishing very professionals and converts very good! a couple of clicks and like magic, my Amazon inventory is listed on eBay.

    The order processing goes "smooth as silk", not even one complaint from my customers on eBay;

    The pricing tool is fantastic you can set the price to keep profits in sync with the one on Amazon, or, you can set the prices via markup, you have visibility of all fees all the time, even the JL tool give you the latest price that the product sold on eBay for your reference.

    The technical support team and Customer service are superb, very knowledgeable and responsives.

    Thank you Joe Lister, you've made my eCommerce easier since the beginning:):

  • Christina Dobrev

    Overall rating


    I like Joe Lister so much. It helped me grow my buisness. I sell on Amazon and my listings are connected. Thanks to Joelister my sells went twice up.

    Very good service. Very prompt responce from supports. Great platforn, friendly staff. Highly recommended!

    One click is all you need to sync a listing!
    I would highly recommend anyone who is straggling with listing writing or finding proffecional templates to syncronize inventory from Amazon to eBay which also connects with Bonanza, to sign up for Joe. The monthly fee is just nothing compared to what it does for your buisness. You will love it. :lol

  • kumaknives

    Overall rating

    Great tool for easily selling your Amazon goods on eBay

    JoeLister is very convenient for easily beginning to sell your Amazon FBA products on eBay. I was surprised how smart it actually is. There’s very little to set up, and JoeLister will guide you through whatever you need to set up. They have some different templates you can use to customize your listing design. JoeLister will automatically suggest your price based on what your Amazon price is combined with the fees that eBay will add - so by default your profits of an eBay sale will match your profit of an Amazon sale.

    Their support is also fairly quick and helpful.

  • jamesuni

    Overall rating

    It works. It isn't perfect, but gets the job done.

    What were the positives?

    It does one task well, but for $30 a month, it is a steep price to pay for one well built feature.

    Any negatives?

    Comparing prices to ebay listings is difficult. Optimizing listings to improve SEO has to be manually done. The UI isn't great as I should be able to edit/delete/list items from the amazon or ebay listings page. It doesn't sync with other sites. We are looking to get either a more affordable option or a slightly more expensive alternative that has more features.


    Support is excellent.

  • blsli

    Overall rating

    Almost as good as a Clone of myself

    What were the positives?

    Easy to use. Not a time waster.. but rather a time maker! I was able to quickly grow my eBay sales, with very little effort. I would recommend this product to all Amazon sellers.

    Any negatives?

    Nope. As expected. The platform was easy to get started. I didn't need a long learning curve to start.


    The support was great. Thorough. Quick, They answer very fast and will respond to reply emails. This was important form me because I use my phone to communicate emails.

  • Skip

    Overall rating

    I have been using Joelister profitably for 2.5 years & Love

    I mainly sell on Amazon, but Joelister helps make sure I can pull some profits out of eBay as well.

    It is easy and fast to create listings and I love their automatic fulfillment service. My ROI on joelister is several hundred percent. Now that's a good investment. I also like that I can view both my eBay listings and my eBay sales.

    The other thing I like is their quick and responsive support. I typically use email, but once I needed urgent support and they called me when I needed it.

    One thing I hate is this review form. Its making me write 500 characters and I don't need that many to do a review.

  • scribbleplusflow

    Overall rating

    takes the hassle out of crossposting

    Joelister has completely taken the hassle out of crossposting items from Amazon to eBay. I even use the service for merchant fulfilled items from Amazon just for the ease of creating eBay listings.
    The Multi-channel fulfillment of your FBA items to eBay orders is seamless. This service is a must have for sellers of both eBay and Amazon platforms. You are missing out on added sales if you aren't crossposting from Amazon to eBay.
    I think some resellers don't realize that some buyers simply don't like shopping on Amazon. It can be rather difficult to find an item sometimes in the catalog and they find it easier to find their desired item on eBay with a few keywords. Don't miss out on those added sales by not using JoeLister.

  • populuxe

    Overall rating

    JoeLister is an Invaluable Service, Priced Right

    We've being using JoeLister for over a year now and wouldn't be able to sell our inventory on multiple platforms without it. It's pretty seamless integration and manages to auto correct inventory levels, and send out shipping orders aasap. There's no way we could sell the amount we do without using the service.

    Occasionally there's a hiccup when strange addresses get through the system that JoeLister can't get fulfilled but an automated email is sent out that lets us manually correct the issue. It happens very rarely.

    We've never had an issue with support and the girls and guys behind the scenes make communication and fixes super easy.

    Finally for the service provided I believe the cost is right in line. Other services we looked at were much more expensive and had input dashboards that were wayyyyy confusing.

    I'd advise to give Joe a try!

  • mayshop1971

    Overall rating

    Joe Lister

    What were the positives?

    - As overall the service is very good and we use it successfully excluding some parts.

    Any negatives?

    - It will be great if JoeLister is able to create variations. If variation is available on amazon it will be great if the same variation is posible to be listed on ebay.

    -Using JoeLister creates a very serious issue when we wish to list a products manually on Ebay and we wish to fulfill this product our self. Every time when we do sell a product which we have to fulfill our self ( and is nothing to do with amazon) Joelister creates a separate ( MCF ) order and choose a random products from our FBA inventory, then try to send it the the same customer. We need to cancel this order manually, but sometime we miss it which is bad for business. We have asked for help from the support, but was not resolved and we have given up.


    -Connected to the second issue above we can give 5 out of 10
    -On everything else support has been OK

  • Goosewings

    Overall rating

    Joe Lister Saves Time and Time = Money

    What were the positives?

    The service is a huge ongoing time saver. With Joe I don’t have to really actively manage my eBay store as I do other FBA fulfilled channels. Also, I don't have to worry about updating inventory and selling something on eBay that I no longer have in stock at Amazon. Wish I had this type of tool avaiable for some other channels for a similiar price.

    Any negatives?

    The tools that can be using to compare fees and prices on Amazon vs. eBay are helpful but they could be tweaked a bit to make them a bit less cumbersome.


    I have been very pleased with the support I have received from the Joe Lister team. I have consistently received responses timely and any challenges that have arisen or questions I have had were addressed to my satisfaction.

    I would recommend Joe Lister as a great and affordable option for listing and managing eBay sales that are fulfilled by Amazon.

  • Lynette Cano

    Overall rating

    Service works most of the time, wish it worked 100% of time

    What were the positives?

    the idea of not having to deal with fulfillment

    Any negatives?

    yes, most of the time orders have gone smoothly, but I have had two incidents in 3 months where customers have been charged and no order was filled


    usually good, however on last issue I had I contacted support and have not heard anything back.
    I am considering canceling my subscription and filling orders myself since I only get 6-8 orders filled by them a month

  • kevichops

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    Reliability- the services was very reliable and worked every with sale.
    Although the interface looked quite daunting at first it was easy to navigate once you get used to it. The automatic ebay listing all look great sometimes you have to tweak them slightly but oveall very good.

    Any negatives?

    Possibly the pricing structure, perhaps more tiers.



    Very good support replies normally with 24 hrs from posting a request.

  • Madly

    Overall rating

    Piss poor customer service and managent.

    Worst part of this company is the poor leadership which is a direct result of the poor customer service provided. Open tickets were forgotten about. Upon cancellation an email from the founder was sent out asking questions that were answered in the previous email string. Complete amatuer hour. Not even the tiniest bit of professionalism. I asked them not to contact me again yet I just received a other two exactly the same emails from them. Some people should not be running companies and this is clearly one of those situations. There are so many bugs with this product that it's easier to higher a va and have them do things manually. Heed my warning.

  • EBon

    Overall rating

    Really Bad Service and Some Major Functionality Issues

    I was very excited about this service and signed up for the large professional package of 500 listings ($100). I soon found out they have some major issues though.

    1. When you switch from FBA to Merchant Fulfilled inventory, the system can't tell the difference. So you get ebay sales at the lower FBA rate and basically lose money on those sales.

    2. They then tried to figure out a solution promising that they will deactivate the MFN (Merchant) inventory. They never did and in fact stopped answering all support ticket from me.

    3. There is a bug in the filters, so when you want to see only Listed inventory on ebay for example - you can't. The filter keeps reverting back to FBA. They also seem to have a rough times with bugs. I reported and documented the issue, and then never heard back from them.

    4. There is no option to delist from ebay when in any of the inventory views - except from the ebay listings page. A big problem if you want to deactivate any items that went out of stock in FBA and are switched back to MFN.

    Really disappointed and to top it all, they basically stopped all communications with me. 3 weeks ago they were "looking for a solution and discussing this" and I am still waiting. I guess they didn't like what I had to say..


  • steventahoellc

    Overall rating

    Great way to cross well to Ebay from FBA

    Early on I wanted a way to sell my products that were listed on Amazon FBA on Ebay. I could list them manually, but that would take time I didn't have.

    I found JoeLister and it was an absolute breeze to set up. It keeps track of my FBA inventory and updates whenever I get a sale.

    It's ultra easy to set up and works GREAT! They just did a HUGE upgrade to their service and it's a dramatic improvement.

    The only real downside is price. As I said before, I am fairly thrifty, but I understand capitalism. Thats the only negative I have to say about the entire JoeLister experience. Otherwise it's been a great addition to my ecommerce biz and allows me to sell on ye t another channel...and very easily, I might add!

  • Smashed

    Overall rating

    Decent for FBA, bad for FBM and greatly overpriced

    If my sole need was FBA I'd give this program 4 stars. It syncs the inventory with Amazon, creates the ebay listing, and auto fulfills the ebay order from Amazon. Their pricing is far too high for such a simple system. Shopify auto fulfills MCF orders for free with their most basic plans. Inventory sync is nice but is a trivial amount of code. They deserve at least 3 stars as the MCF is convenient and the listing creation for ebay is smooth. Their website serves no value after initial setup. The lack of any type of pricing syncing, even with an adjustment formula, is also why I took out stars. (Again extremely trivial to implement)

    I took out more stars for their FBM features. For FBM Joelister is syncing inventory and creating the initial listing only. There's no reason to pay a high monthly fee for such trivial tasks. Their listing creation is convenient and a time saver but not worth the cost.

    Overall their priced too high and are seriously limited on features. When you look at what other SAAS offer for $30 to $500 you would expect Joelister to be at $30 or less. When I requested a custom pricing model for FBM I was told they were considering a new pricing model of only 15% of sales. Wow.

  • primetimemerchants

    Overall rating

    Excellent Service

    This service is a tremendous time saver and I would recommend it to anyone who sells on both Amazon and Ebay. The learning curve is short and the results come quickly.

  • 2151309

    Overall rating

    Hesitant at first....BUT looks VERY promising

    I really just wasn't sure what to expect or how everything would function.
    The process of a transaction is MUCH smoother than I expected.
    Two things to keep in mind. 1) Make sure to check your pricing that
    is carried over for your listings. I found most of the prices carried over
    were too high and needed tweaked. 2) The 3rd party fulfillment rates
    are pretty high (at least $5.95 per item) so you don't want to carry over
    low-dollar items from your inventory. Other than that, this was a really
    great process. Very impressive.

  • DebDeCarlo

    Overall rating

    Amazon seller? You need this!

    This is one of the easiest software programs I have in my arsenal for online selling. It saved me hours of listing items on eBay and then again on Amazon. With a few tweaks of a JoeLister listing, I now have multiple venue listings in seconds.

    And, the added benefit? It automatically reduces inventory count when an item sells. So, no more rushing from one venue to another manually ensuring no oversells.

  • bobwilley

    Overall rating

    List your Amazon product on eBay with one tool, autoship/MCF

    I have been testing JoeLister for a few months. Taking my items that I have qty of on Amazon and creating listings on eBay. When something sells on eBay, JL creates the MCF order to the product is shipped to the customer, and even populates the Tracking # to eBay when available.
    So far, it is working well. The only downside is that eBay is not as strong a marketplace as it used to be.

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