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KIPRT is an Amazon research tool covering over 150 million products.

Users can search by keyword, reviews, sales per day, price, category and more. Results include 30-day historical graphs, pricing, reviews, ratings, and up to 1 year of sales rank and estimated sales data.

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From $49.95 per month to $249.95 per month.

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  • AzonFatCats

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    KW Inspector is in Azon FatCats Training of Product Picking

    The single most important decision as a Seller on Amazon is: What product should I sell? If you're using KIPRT, it's like knowing who wins the World Series!

    KIPRT is an amazing tool because KIPRT search results give you PURE KEYWORD GOLD ! Yes, there's some work involved. But don't you think it's worth it to get the data upfront? Bravo to the creator of KIPRT!

    I teach KIPRT in my course "Azon FatCats - How to Sell Private Label Products on Amazon FBA."

    You can pick products with confidence and KNOW they will sell - because this tool gives you answers to your SEO questions. (AFC is on JVZoo. TONs of value!)

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