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ListingsHistory is a free site that contains the history of eBay collectible item listings starting from April 1st, 2014.

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ListingsHistory is free. Users are required to register with their name and email address.

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  • axter

    Overall rating


    Amazing products !!!

    What were the positives?

    It is doing more than the Ebay that is deleting the history, so like that you can really keep an eye on it

    Any negatives?

    For a free service we should all pitch in. The database increases every day, so I think they are getting more users and as well more donations for good servers and maybe new colors.


    Just try the support! Anytime you write , there is someone answering personally to you the emails, not like on ebay or on paypal where they use copy and paste modules

  • amir.kessner

    Overall rating


    Not very user-friendly

    It's good to have this option. However, I have some reservations about the usability of the site's interface:

    #1. You need to select the year, which you may not care about very much.
    #2. If the date is of primary interest, a RANGE of dates may be required

    #3. When items are found, the price and number of bids are not listed
    #4. There are no sort options (PRICE, date, #bidders?)


  • Dennis88

    Overall rating


    I like it, but could use a few improvements

    Very nice and simple website to use. A few improvements I would suggest:

    -A back button to immediately return to search results
    -Date sold and price realized in the search results
    -Larger images

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